Man’s Medical Condition Leads To Indefinite Detention, Forced Medication





” A young man’s deteriorating health led the state of Alaska to assume full control of his medical care — against his own written will and the against the wishes of his family.  Since last October he has been trapped in a hospital, isolated without visitors, on an extensive series of psychotropic drugs, in a condition that continues to diminish.”




” Bret Byron Bohn is a native Alaskan who loves hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, and most outdoor activities.  He lived an exemplary life receiving many awards as a youth, became a member of the National Honor Society, and achieved the distinguished rank of Eagle Scout.  He had recently graduated from a program in Aviation Technology.

  At 26-years-old, Bohn worked as a field guide for hunters and outdoorsmen on expeditions in the Alaskan wilderness.   While otherwise healthy and athletic, his only medical issue was the development of some nasal polyps which impeded his ability to smell.  He had them surgically removed, but they grew back.  He was prescribed Prednisone — a powerful steroid and immune suppressant — to attempt to regain his sense of smell.”





     Brett is a grown man whose minor medical condition has resulted in him becoming a “hospital hostage” and ward of the State who’s parents have not even been able to see him since December . He is locked away in solitary confinement and refused contact with anyone , friends , family and supporters , all on the word of “Doctors” at Providence hospital . 

   Bear in mind that this has all come about because of doctor’s failure to properly treat some nasal polyps. The State has seen fit to imprison the man because of the incompetence of their own doctors .



” While on Predisone, he began suffering with the inability to sleep for a prolonged period.  After a week of insomnia, his family took him to Providence Alaska Medical Center in Anchorage.  They hadn’t realized it at the time, but one of the listed side effects of Prednisone is sleep disturbances (insomnia).

  Rather than take him off of the drug that was likely causing the sleep problem, doctors prescribed two more powerful drugs to supposedly calm him down and help him sleep.  He was given Zolpidem(brand name Ambien) which treats insomnia, as well as Lorazepam (brand name Ativan) which treats anxiety, depression and insomnia.

  After taking the prescribed combination of drugs at at home, Bohn had seizures — potentially because the drugs he took are known to cause seizures.  His family took him back to the hospital, looking for answers, and he was given more drugs, and had more seizures.  He was put into intensive care.”





” Doctors characterized his disgruntled, combative state — after weeks of insomnia — as a sign of mental illness, and that he was irrational and a threat to himself.  Hospital staff put him into a psychiatric ward, physically forcing his compliance.  They began administering psychiatric drugs, beginning with Haldol, which is used to treat schizophrenia.

  After the disputes between doctors and parents over his medication, Providence portrayed Bohn’s family as interfering with his treatment and a threat to his well-being.  They alleged that they were going to help him leave without being medically discharged, and that they did not have his best interests in mind in light of his supposedly life-threatening illness — which as of then remained undiagnosed.  They alleged that his mother, Lorraine Phillips, wanted to physically harm her son, Bret.

  His ability to have visitors was reduced to once per week.  Phone calls were not allowed.  He was effectively a prisoner on the 5th floor of Providence, and doctors were free to medicate him with impunity.”



    The State has effectively rigged the game wherein they can do as they please and if the patient and/or loved ones become “combative” , as in showing any kind of support for their rights , the patient will be deemed “mentally incompetent” and thus imprisoned for “their own good” .  

    Read the rest of this story of the State/Medical cabal run amok here and please pass Brett’s story along . The only mention we have found of this heartrending fiasco in the MSM to date is this article from the NY Daily News . This practice of State sponsored kidnapping by the medical profession must be brought to a halt . 

    Here is contact information for Providence Alaska Medical Center should the reader be inclined to make their feelings known and here is detailed information on the hospital itself including , finances , specialties , capacities , etc .