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EXography: Unfunded Public Employee Pensions Drive State Debts Skyward




State Debt


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State governments are piling up debt almost as fast as the federal government, with a total of $5.1 trillion now on their books.

  Calculated on a per capita basis, the $5.1 trillion represents an obligation of $16,178 for every state resident in the country, according to State Budget Solutions’ fourth annual State Debt Report.

  State Budget Solutions is a 501(c)(3) educational foundation that focuses on state spending and budget issues.

  The $5.1 trillion has accumulated despite various forms of balanced-budget requirements and spending limitations on the books in most states.”



This should be no surprise to any thinking individual …


” Viewed in terms of total debt, big states dominate the top 10, with California being in the worst shape at $778 billion. Most of the Golden State’s total is accounted for by public pension liabilities at $584 billion.

  Given the prominence of unfunded public employee pension liabilities in state debt, the role of unions representing government workers is an important factor.

  Nearly 36 percent of all government employees in America are members of unions, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, but the situation varies greatly from one state to another.

  According to federal Current Population Survey data compiled by unionstats.com, 59 percent of all state and local public employees are members of unions in California.

  But New York, which ranks second on total debt, has a far higher portion of its public employees in unions, at 71 percent.”








View The Slideshow To See Where Your Hard Earned Tax Dollars Go


” When it comes to government employees, there’s plenty of news about laid off social workers in Florida, furloughed forest rangers in Minnesota,  and underpaid teachers everywhere else. Yet even during these hard times, there are thousands of government employees who still earn great, big salaries – many of them hundreds of thousands more than the $400,000 Obama pulls down each year. In 2009, 347 Texas state employees earned more than the president; 53 of them made more than $600,000. In New York, 35 employees were paid over $400k last year. Since 2005, the number of Federal employees earning $150,000 plus has jumped tenfold: going from 12,399 to 171,689. Much of the increase has been in medicine. Doctors at veterans hospitals and prisons averaged $179,500 in 2010, up from $111,000 in 2005.


See our slideshow here on 10 insanely overpaid government employees. We reported all their yearly earnings, which in addition to base salary, includes bonuses, overtime pay, and other pay. The “other pay” can be things like unused sick days–$594,976 worth of them for one California employee – something private sector employees could only dream of. Oh, and did we mention all of them are men?”


Here’s the scoop on one of the leeches


Prison Doctor


Prison Doctor

” Earnings: $784,596 
Where:High Desert State Prison, CA 

Jeffrey W. Rohlfing works at an overcrowded, 4,000-plus inmate facility in the middle of the California desert. The $784,596 figure includes overtime, bonuses, and other compensation, in addition to salary, but it’s quite a jump from 2004 when Rohlfing earned a mere $132,854. The pay hike is especially surprising since Rohlfing was put on probation for five years in 1997 after being found guilty of unprofessional conduct and impairment due to mental illness.”


Wonder why we’re going broke ?

















RI’s Top 50 Highest Paid State Employees




” The top 50 highest paid state employees collectively earned more than $10 million last year and include a university president and a controversial department administrator, as well as nurses, corrections officers, and athletic coaches. 

The highest paid state employee is David Dooley, the president of the University of Rhode Island, at a salary of $320,000 last year. Second highest is the men’s basketball head coach at the school, Daniel Hurley, who earned $295,481 in 2012, according to state payroll records provided in response to a records request.

The list is as notable for who it includes as who it doesn’t. Governor Lincoln Chafee, who earned $129,210 last year, isn’t on it. Neither are any of the other general officers or their top staffers.

Only two department heads show up. Ranking 14th overall is Paul Suttell, the chief justice of the state Supreme Court. He earned $219,601 last year. Several spots below is state Education Commissioner Deborah Gist, at $204,600. Her contract is currently up for renewal.”





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