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   Keep rocking the boat Ted … Anything that displeases the intelligentia on both sides of the aisle is good for those of us that don’t profit from DC.

The Rio Norte Line

That would be Senator Ted Cruz from Texas actually doing what he said he would do during his campaign.

I guess it rattles them when the newbies don’t just fall in line with this false sense of “comity” in the “greatest deliberative body”. Since he is Hispanic, I guess they can’t call him racist – so they try to pull the Tailgunner Joe card:

In comments published in the New York Times on Saturday, Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer of California compared Cruz’s accusations about Hagel to those made by former Republican Senator Joseph McCarthy in the 1950s in his hunt for communists.

“It was really reminiscent of a different time and place, when you said, ‘I have here in my pocket a speech you made on such and such a date,’ and of course, nothing was in the pocket,” Boxer said, according to the Times. “It was reminiscent of…

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Henninger: Who Speaks for

the GOP?






 ” Where is the Big Picture? Why is it not possible for John Boehner or anyone else in this party to articulate for the dumbstruck public watching these dreadful cliff negotiations what the Republican Party stands for? Who speaks for the GOP?

No end of people keep saying of the Republicans that “they” should do this or “they” should do that. Who’s “they”? It is no one. With the Republicans, there’s no “they” there.

Barack Obama is controlling the cliff narrative now because the GOP has no one whose job is counter-narrative. Mr. Obama this week was recycling campaign speeches about the middle class at the Daimler Detroit diesel plant while the GOP has been a Babel of Beltway voices. Don’t any of these senators go to church on Sunday morning, rather than running around television punching the “entitlement crisis” card? “


Steven Hayward at Power Line

  ” Ben Domenech wrote yesterday about how the GOP grassroots, especially the much-distrusted rubes of the Tea Party, are rallying hard to Romney while GOP elites are pushing the panic button and going all Eyore on us.  (I especially like Ben’s phrase “professional concern troll David Frum.”)  I’m catching a plane shortly to return to the Left Coast after two days in DC, and I was indeed surprised at the mood of folks I talked with.  Domenech is right.  I expected that the “insiders” and pros I know in DC, who measure the twists and turns of political campaigns with micrometers in real time, would have a sanguine view of things, and attach the correct discount to the anomalous polls and high volatility this race displays. Instead what I mostly heard was unremitting gloom. “


This article is a welcome companion to a post of ours yesterday “According to Whom ?” It cannot be repeated often enough … the media is in full ” Battlespace Preparation” mode . While they will report none of it , they are intimately aware of their boy’s shortcomings and are pulling out all the stops to convince you , the voting public , that the Romney campaign is a lost cause . Do not fall for it . The only way they can win is if you stay home on November 6 . DON”T LET THAT HAPPEN . Vote and take a friend .