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Sheriff David Clarke Blasts Obama, Holder, And Sharpton Over Handling Of Ferguson Situation And Poverty






” David Clarke, a sheriff in Milwaukee County, joined Megyn Kelly on The Kelly File to speak about Attorney General Eric Holder, President Obama, and Al Sharpton.

  The sheriff began by unleashing on Holder for his statements when he threw police officers “under the bus,” suggesting they patrol just looking to kill black people. 

“He claims he wants justice for all, but apparently he doesn’t want justice for police officers,” Clarke said.

  Then the sheriff laid into Obama for his most recent White House meeting, which Clarke classified as a “Kabuki theater.” Had he attended the meeting, the sheriff said he would have asked the president why, if he was so concerned about the anger and unrest in the black community, he did not take an action that would actually work? “


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US Police Detain Two For Talking To Stranger On Street





” Policemen in Philadelphia unlawfully detained two African American pedestrians for talking to a stranger on the street – namely, saying “hi”.

A video uploaded to YouTube shows two men walking down the street, when suddenly they are abruptly held back by policemen. Apparently, the men were being detained because they had said ‘hi’ to another stranger walking on the street. In response, the policemen abruptly said, “You don’t say ‘Hi’ to strangers,” and the other added, “Not in this neighborhood.” “