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Detroit Gold Cup – U-9 Team Red Dot/Spirit of Qatar – Blow Over 7/12





Published on Jul 12, 2014

” Jon Zimmerman suffered a blow over accident in the late afternoon of Saturday, July 12 at the Detroit Gold Cup races. “












Insane Bike Crash – Motorcycle Launches And Hits Rider In Face




” KW Parrish was riding at the Beaverun private motor complex in Pennsylvania with some buddies, and was picking up a nice pace, gaining distance on riders in front of him.

  As he rounded a right-hander on his GSX-R1000 and closed in on the bikes in front of him, the riders ahead have come together when the lead rider appeared to have slowed and veered slightly to the left.

  With nowhere to go, the rider following has collided with the bike ahead and sent him off the bike and sliding off-track, after a spectacular high-speed faceplant.

  What happens next is astonishing, with the bike launching in the air and hitting him with full force in the helmet and bike.

  While he says he walked away with a few bumps and bruises, as well as a wrecked bike, KW says he is still feeling sore.

” What a bummer” he laments, as he reviews the footage, also adding that the engine builder of his AMA Spec 210hp bike warned him of the power of the bike on its first run out. 

” Power wasn’t the problem, as the last thing I wanted to do was wreck the bike on its first day out, so I played it safe”

” I didn’t really expect to have some motorcycle hit me in the face”












America’s Cup: Ben Ainslie’s USA And NZ Set For Thrilling Decider





” Briton Sir Ben Ainslie and his Oracle Team USA are one win away from one of the great sporting comebacks as the America’s Cup goes into a winner-takes-all final race on Wednesday.

Having been docked two points before the regatta began, Oracle were 8-1 down but on Tuesday sealed their sixth and seventh straight wins to level at 8-8.

The event goes to a decider for only the third time in its 162-year history.

“You have to approach it like every other race,” said Ainslie.

The four-time Olympic champion, 36,, took over the key tactician role from veteran John Kostecki with the score 4-1, but Oracle Team USA has since won nine times in 13 races, which are being held in San Francisco.

Oracle have won 10 races in all but were penalised two points before the regatta began for illegal modifications to their smaller 45ft catamaran in the warm-up series.”


America’s Cup 2013 results

  • Race 18: Oracle Team USA win by 54 secs
  • Race 17: Oracle Team USA win by 27 secs
  • Race 16: Oracle Team USA win by 33 secs
  • Race 15: Oracle Team USA win by 37 secs
  • Race 14: Oracle Team USA win by 23 secs
  • Race 13: Oracle Team USA win by 84 secs
  • Race 12: Oracle Team USA win by 31 secs
  • Race 11: Team New Zealand win by 15s
  • Race 10: Team New Zealand win by 17s
  • Race 9: Oracle Team USA win by 47 secs
  • Race 8: Oracle Team USA win by 52 secs
  • Race 7: Team New Zealand win by 66 secs
  • Race 6: Team New Zealand win by 47 secs
  • Race 5: Team New Zealand win by 65 secs
  • Race 4: Oracle Team USA win by 8 secs
  • Race 3: Team New Zealand win by 28 secs
  • Race 2: Team New Zealand win by 52 secs
  • Race 1: Team New Zealand win by 36 secs

*Oracle penalised two points pre-regatta ” 





” Team New Zealand, who last won the America’s Cup in 2000, have been within one race of victory in the first-to-nine competition since Wednesday, but have been thwarted by the defending champions’ resurgence and a series of races postponed by unfavourable wind conditions.”

The Wind Gods


” An America’s Cup film? Great, they are few and far between! But this is a far cry from the Francis Ford Coppola classic America’s Cup film Wind. This trailer is for The Wind Gods, the story of the 33rd America’s Cup race, and while it is more documentary, it definitely hypes up the drama!

I particularly love Jeremy Irons’ voiceover. “There is no second place, in competition, in the game of life,” he states with all the drama of a first rate actor. “First place is all there is.” ”

Raw: America’s Cup Boat Capsizes in S.F. Bay

” One sailor died another was hurt after a boat carrying a Swedish flag capsized Thursday in San Francisco Bay while practicing for the upcoming America’s Cup races. (May 9)”

Wicked Motorcycle Action

I couldn’t embed the vid so click on the pic and go to it . 

Motorcycle Racing

Watch This






I Like To Waste My Time



Best Rally Video

Looks Like A Blast

Folkrace is a popular, inexpensive, and entry-level form of Swedish rallycross that originally came fromFinland, where it was called (Everyone’s Class). The sport also exists in Norway and Denmark, where it is known as Bilcross and Folkerace respectively.

The races are run on special gravel or tarmac tracks, 2,400 metres 
(1.5 mi) in length. The tracks are designed to limit the top speed to 
80 km/h (50 mph). The competitions are divided into different classes 
depending on age and gender. Participants can be as young as 15 years of
The race is divided into different heats with usually 6 cars. The 
driver winning a race is awarded seven points, second five points, third
four points and so on. When all the heats have been driven, the total 
score is calculated and the top six drivers get to race in the A final, 
the next six in the B final and so on. The winner of the A final wins 
the event.

Folk Race