Israeli Female Soldiers Gone Wild On Facebook





” A photo of IDF soldiers in thongs circulating the web this week is harmless compared to some of the offensive images posted by soldiers in the past. But, we should remember Israeli kids who hit 18 enter the most restrictive period of their lives.”


Not exactly the smartest move these young ladies could have made but hardly earth shattering , especially given the notion that they have signed their lives over to the State for the next couple of years .


” Let’s face it – these are the stupid years, the age where you feel all-powerful and indestructible, where the concept of stepping out of your parents’ house and being viewed by the world as an adult is exhilarating and you don’t know where to begin exercising your new freedoms.”


   Compared to what some American girls of similar age will be doing as they escape their parents influence for the first time when they shuffle off to college , these Israeli SOLDIERS , yes they have signed up to risk their lives , should be cut a little slack .