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Lonnie Mack – Oreo Cookie Blues – 1986 – Live and Rare




Uploaded on Aug 1, 2010

” This is rare footage of Lonnie Mack, one of the greatest Rock and Roll guitar players of all time performing on an early morning Television Show in Ohio probably around 1986 or 87. Lonnie recorded Oreo Cookie Blues in 1985 with Stevie Ray Vaughn. “















Humongous Megamouth Shark Caught Off Japan Coast







” A 13-foot long female megamouth shark weighing nearly 1,500 pounds caught off the coast of Japan was dissected before thousands of onlookers at the Marine Science Museum in Shizuoka City Thursday. The creature was caught by fishermen from a depth of 2,600 feet.

  The first specimen of a megamouth shark was caught off Oahu, Hawaii, in 1976, and megamouth sightings are extremely rare. According to the Japan Daily Press, this catch in Japan marks just the 58th occasion when a megamouth was actually seen by people.”



The Megamouth is the second rare shark caught recently , joining the Goblin shark caught off Key West last month .












If You Liked Communism You’ll Love Sochi

” After reading Jesse Meyerson’s Salon essay last week telling us why communism isn’t all that bad (“Why you’re wrong about communism: 7 huge misconceptions about it”), I immediately ran into my privately-owned kitchen, filled up the sink with non-toxic tap water and gave my still-living dogs a bath.

  Why? Because that’s more than any citizen living in communist-era Russia could ever dream of doing.

  I also did this in honor of the 2014 Winter Olympics that would be on TV later that night.”

” Unfortunately for Meyerson, his column now syncs perfectly with the ever-increasing horror stories emerging about the deplorable conditions in the formerly communist city of Sochi. Meyerson says communism and its legacy aren’t as bad as some make out. Sochi’s day-to-day existence says otherwise.

  Meyerson defends the claim, “Only communist economies rely on state violence.” Beneath the subtitle, Meyerson explains that, “Communism necessarily distributes property universally.”

  Universally filled with trash and poor living conditions, that is. Unless, of course, you’re Russia’s president and can build a $400 million amusement park the locals call “Putin World.”

Read all of Laura Meyers’ piece 

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53 Rare Historical Photos


Washington-Hoover Airport … Present Site Of The Pentagon.


Dinosaurs Tranported on The Hudson River For The 1964 World’s Fair.


Rare Photos Of Celebs In Their Element

(38 Photos)


rare vintage celebrity photos 26 Rare photos of celebs in their element (38 Photos)

Chase , Aykroyd , Belushi & ?



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rare vintage celebrity photos 01 Rare photos of celebs in their element (38 Photos)




Oh , OK , one more sample , but that’s it . Click the link .



A young Betty White

Betty White











Ron Paul 2nd Amendment 1989 [Rare]

Daily Comedy 3.3.13

Part 1 From I Like To Waste My Time



First Wal-Mart

The first Wal-Mart store was opened in 1962 by [a salesman] Sam Walton. It was called Walton’s Five and Dime.

Part 2


Opening King Tut's Sarcophagus

Howard Carter, an English archaeologist, examining the opened sarcophagus of King Tut.

Part 3


Disney Cafeteria

Disneyland employee cafeteria of 1961.


Rare Historical Photos

This Whole Site Is Loaded With Cool And Unusual Photos and Videos , Well Worth Your Time


Microsoft Staff Photo 1978

Microsoft Staff Circa 1978



Check Them All Out , Very Cool Stuff 



Halifax airport plane

Grounded Planes September 11 , 2001 , Halifax , Nova Scotia 

Want A FAMAS ?

  “Here is the super rare National D’Armes De Saint Etienne Famas bullpup French service rifle! In the late 80’s, Century Armes produced a very small amount of civilian Famas F1 style assault rifles, called the Mas .223. The exact number imported in the U.S is unknown but from what we have found it is very close to 100. So it is no question that this isn’t something that comes around often. Most who own will never sell and those who don’t, here is your chance! This compact bullpup is in excellent condition, displaying minor handling wear. The finish is very smooth and appears rugged. It is chambered in .223 and 3 magazines are included. There is a sling and bipod attached as well. There is a cheek rest on the stock that can be attached on either side for ambidextrous shooting. Very low recoil and accurate shooter! A must for any serious collector! This one is it! Best of luck bidding! ALL FIREARMS SOLD MUST SHIP TO A VALID FFL DEALER! Please check with your dealer before bidding/buying. If you have any questions please ask before bidding/buying. SORRY NO SALES TO CA. All firearms are currently for sale locally and we reserve the right to end an auction early even with bids. So if you are interested, let us know! Don’t be shy or it will slip away. Thanks and Good luck! A copy of drivers license and receipt will be sent with every firearm. Insured. 2 Day Air.”


Century Arms Mas .223 Famas F1 RARE Saint Etienne