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Real-Time Video Footage Of Airplanes Colliding Mid-Air



” When two small planes carrying nine passengers and two pilots collided in mid-air over Wisconsin, the headlines should have read “Eleven Die In Plane-Crash Tragedy.” What happened instead, because all of the passengers were experienced skydivers, was that all nine passengers survived, one student pilot successfully jumped from the wreckage of his plane using his emergency paragraph, and the other pilot safely landed his damaged plane.”

Published on Nov 4, 2013

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Officials in the United States are examining what caused a collision between two skydiving planes in Wisconsin. All eleven passengers in both aircraft survived the accident that occurred at 12,000 feet, as they were preparing for the final jump of the day. The lead plane caught on fire and lost its wings, before crashing to the ground, while the second was able to land safely. Report by Louise Hulland.”




Purported Benghazi Drone Operator Calls Hannity with New Details: We Weren’t Able To Be Armed & No One Has Contacted Me










  ” The AP has released a report stating that 3 Senators, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Kelly
Ayotte have sent a letter to the desk of Barack Hussein Obama, requesting that the Benghazi CCTV
video, which captured the attack, be declassified. ”


” There is a very big chance that there will be no action to appease the American people with declassified information until after the November 6th elections. Until then, Barack Obama is likely to remain silent on the issue, dodging questions where he can and remaining silent where he can’t: ”

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