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Watch As Two Would-Be Thieves Receive Some Poetic Justice





    While this video is obviously faked , it is very well done and truly hysterical . There can be no doubt that while this incident did not really happen there are many idiot crooks out there that could make it a reality . Have a laugh and thank the creative genius who crafted the video for a humorous start to the workday .


Here He Is Folks: The All-Time Darwin Award Winner




   The incident above took place in South Korea and the forty year-old in the video actually plummeted about twenty feet to his death . While we take no joy in the death of a fellow human being , we cannot help but wonder how a person can survive to the age of 40 without knowing that elevator doors remain shut for a reason ?



A reader points this out to Professor Jacobson


 ” A reader writes:

Good morning! Any guesses as to what this referencing????


The tweets for the website (private to protect their sources) say the campaign knows about it and is scared. “It has the potential to change the election into a landslide.” This will come out right before the last debate on Monday and I would guess if it is truly something, it will shake the guilty one to the core (fingers crossed it is Obama).



Warning : The graphic will take you to the site . You’ve been warned .




‘This has the propensity to turn this election from a nail-biter into the biggest electoral landslide since 1984’ – our source


At the debate tonight, one candidate might look exceptionally nervous. They already know what the is.

Here Comes The spin …

… But Real Unemployment Remains Unchanged and Horrible



  ” This morning’s jobs report is giving Obama’s media backers a chance to change the narrative, and you’ll be hearing throughout the day how this is “good news for the president” because unemployment has finally dipped below 8 percent to 7.8 percent, which is the lowest it’s been in 44 months. This will be accompanied by their celebratory announcement of a statistic you’ve probably never even heard before, that of an increase of 873,000 in employment from the “household survey.”

None of this represents anything good, but you have to understand what the numbers mean in order to recognize that. So let’s go through it:

– The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that only 114,000 new jobs were added in September. That is slighly better than the 96,000 that were generated in August, but it is still terrible, and still well below what you need to even keep up with population growth.”



” The Democrat Party is the party of factional payola : it is comprised of factions who are united to attain power and reap rewards such
as loans, direct transfer of funds, contract set asides, special legislation for special treatment,
pay increases, and patronage.

  All of their ideology is meant to accomplish is attaining power and keeping their factions united.

  They have NO principles. Redistribution really means taking from the enemy and giving to the
factions in the party.”

HT/Director Blue