He is a idiot .

” So which is it? One extremely credible source from Bain who somehow got to look at Romney’s personal taxes for a ten-year period
even though no one would have access to that except the Romneys, their accountant, and the IRS? Or a number of sources who say “the word is out”? Reid’s sounding more and more like Joe McCarthy every day.

   Reid, who also refuses to release his own tax.returns, isn’t just a hypocrite and a slanderer. He’s also a political idiot. Until these attacks,
Romney was on the defensive over his tax.returns. Now Romney can paint his decision to keep them private as a principled stand against
unscrupulous opponents. Reid has handed the high ground to Romney in this fight with his scurrilous lies. Reid has all but ruined Obama’s
strategy of making Romney look secretive and weird. “