A Day of Remembrance  

  “Today is a day of scattered emotions and healing hearts. The September 11 attacks stand out as a dark bookmark in our history. Over the last 11 years, writers, bloggers, artists, journalists, celebrities, and political leaders used their outlets to express the emotions many of us share in our collective journey to rise up from the discord and shock of that terrible day. The 9/11 attacks were only the first of many days of conflict. For some, the continuing war on terror seems like a distant problem, relegated to the back page of your local newspaper. We calmly read about the suicide bombings, roadside explosives, and small arms attacks on U.S. troops, coalition forces, and civilians. It happens with such regularity, that many people find themselves desensitized by the steady onslaught of violent news. This tends to muster a kind of apathetic attitude toward our military and its troops. Public sentiments of apathy can spread like a disease, and this careless behavior is toxic to our boys returning home.”