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Behold The Death Ray Drone Bot!








” In a move that wouldn’t look out of place in an Austin Powers movie, a student from Illinois has fitted a spider-shaped robot with laser beams. 

  The remote-controlled Death Ray Laser Drone Bot is fitted with a beam so powerful it can pop balloons and make paper and card burst into flames. 

  It was created by 20-year-old Drake Anthony who demonstrated the full force of his creation on his Styropyro YouTube channel. “









Massive Crewless Vessels Could Soon Set Sail To Save Money And Improve Safety At Sea





” You might think remote-controlled ships are the preserve of toy companies, but huge crewless versions could soon be roaming our oceans. 

  European researchers have plans underway to see shore-based captains working in a replica 3D bridge to remotely-control dozens of ships at a time.

  Not only would this cut down on cost, but scientists claim it would make ships more efficient and safer, reducing risks such as piracy.”









World’s Fastest Tracked Vehicle: 0-60MPH In Around 4 Seconds…This Is The Ripsaw (37 Photos)





And another teaser 









Operation Overkill: Armed Cops Swoop On Action Man Looking For A Mortar After Owner Posts Picture Of TOY Weapon On Facebook


Cause of alarm? The Facebook profile picture of Mr Driscoll showing an action man and his model mortar



” There were five police officers at the door, two of them carrying submachine guns.

And they were ready to smash the door open so it was fortunate Ian Driscoll was in when they pulled up outside his home.

They had come in search of a deadly mortar tube – spotted in the background of a picture that Mr Driscoll had posted on Facebook.

Mr Driscoll, 43, did indeed have a mortar in the home and promptly showed it to the squad.

It was a toy.

After inspecting the model mortar, the rather embarrassed team of officers apologised and took their leave.

‘I couldn’t believe someone thought it was real,’ said Mr Driscoll, a model maker, at his home in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire.

‘It’s tiny and quite clearly a toy. I can’t stop laughing. I think it’s hilarious.’

The mortar, or at least part of it, was featured in a picture Mr Driscoll took of an Action Man figure and a toy Alsatian dog.

He posted the picture on Facebook ‘as a laugh’ because he says he looks rather like the Action Man figure and owns an Alsatian.

The mortar was near to a TV remote control which showed how small it was. Nevertheless, someone called in the police.”


Just how cowardly have we in the west become ?