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Review: Fifty Shades Of Dissatisfaction







” Curious? The posters for “Fifty Shades of Grey” coyly ask.

  Whether or not you’re one of the 100 million who bought, and presumably read, E L James‘ kinky book, the buzz alone surrounding this “Twilight” fan fiction turned international phenomenon is enough to pique the interest of a rock. “Fifty Shades of Grey” is inherently spectacle.

  With all that irresistible anticipation, how could a movie about BDSM be so run of the mill? The short answer: fear and money. It’s one thing to read about the bondage-enabled sexual awakening of a virgin. It’s quite another to see it depicted on screen.

  Director Sam Taylor-Johnson had an impossible mission on her hands to meld the tawdry with the conventional. It’s like trying to mash up the sensibilities of Lars von Trier with Nancy Meyers to create an end product that will be appealing on a mass scale. In trying to please everyone, though, “Fifty Shades of Grey” has stripped away the fun and settled on palatable. There have been perfume commercials with more depth and story arc.”



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Behold, The World’s First Automatic Supercar







” It’s heresy, I tell you, absolute heresy. As if it’s not enough that a lowly Chevrolet must now be considered a supercar — no “almost” dismissive needed or deserved, thank you very much — even more blasphemous is that said Chevy is at its most “super” when hooked up to an automatic transmission.

  The car, not surprisingly, is the latest rendition of Corvette’s topflight Z06. That’s hardly a revelation; if any Chevrolet were to be deemed super, it would have to be the iconic Corvette. But, it is a little more shocking that the transmission in question is not one of those new fangled PDK’ed thing-a-ma-bobs with their fancy dual clutches and pre-selected gear changing mechanisms, but rather a plain, old torque-converted, could-be-in-a-Cadillac slushbox.”




2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06





” Nor is it just in a straight line that GM’s new eight-speed 8L90 autobox is superior to the also available seven-speed manual. Zooming around Spring Mountain Motor Resort’s 2.4-kilometre racetrack, the combination of precise gear selection algorithms and bullet-quick shifting (Jeff Polidan, Chevy’s design systems engineer for the new eight-speed transmission, claims that, at 0.45 seconds, his automatic shifts faster than Porsche’s supposedly-higher-tech PDK) have the autobox shifting gears perfectly. Indeed, so adroit does the 8L90’s computer match gears and revs that the Z06 is quicker, more manageable and indeed more fun left in its fully automatic mode. Use the paddle shifters if you must, but you’ll be slower for it. The 2015 Z06 truly is, in every sense of the word, the first automatic transmission supercar.”

” There’s no doubt the Z06 must finally be deemed a true supercar. The 6.2-litre supercharged V8 boasts 650 horsepower (smack dab between Lamborghini’s Huracan and Aventador), 650 pound-feet of torque (more than either) and, when hooked up to the aforementioned eight-speed autobox, can accelerate to 100 kilometres an hour in just 3.1 seconds (just barely behind the aforementioned Aventador and 0.3 seconds quicker than the manual). The quarter mile arrives in a truly startling 10.95 seconds as long as you’re you’re letting the eight-speed autobox shift itself; a slightly longer 11.2 seconds if you insist on shifting the seven-speed manual yourself.”


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Daily Video 10.16.14

SIG 516 Carbon TS Review – Guns.com





Published on Oct 8, 2014

” SIG Sauer combines the perfect competition gun with an outstanding combat rifle to create one of the best AR15s on the planet, the SIG SG 516 Carbon TS, chambered in 5.56mm and .223 Remington “












iPhone 6 Review





” There is explosive demand for bigger smartphones. A 4-inch smartphone feels small now; somewhere around 5 inches is the new normal. Yet too many large-screen phones are cumbersome, awkward, and often just plain bad. And Apple has a long history of taking good ideas with obviously huge markets, and being the first manufacturer to really nail the execution.

  Add those three things together, and this phone on my desk isn’t at all surprising. It’s the iPhone 6, a bigger, brighter, badder iPhone designed to appeal to the customers for whom the iPhone 5S and its 4-inch screen now seem adorably antiquated. (Which is basically everybody.) It starts at $199 on a two-year contract, and comes in silver, gold, and space gray. It’s full of new technology and crafted from a new mold. Apple intends for it to be the new standard in a new type of smartphone, to be the big-screen phone that anyone can handle. Not the first big phone, but the best. The big phone for everyone.

  Of course, Samsung, HTC, and others have been making big phones too, and they have years of iteration and millions of sales to show for it. This is Cupertino’s steepest climb yet: can it leapfrog the entrenched competition and prove that Apple can do better?

The big iPhone has a big job to do. “


The Verge











Tucson Police Reviewing Video Of Woman Knocked Down By Officer







” A University of Arizona student who went to University Boulevard Saturday night to check out the scene following Arizona’s loss to Wisconsin in the NCAA tournament caught footage of a police officer knocking down a woman who appears to be walking by. 

” These girls had been trying to get to their car. The girl is on her phone not paying attention and this cop came out of nowhere and just leveled her,” said Phoebe Landolt, who shot the video. “After that everyone just started yelling and she started crying.”

  Landolt said she and her friends were standing near Park Avenue and University Boulevard when she caught the incident. “


Arizona Daily Star








SHOT Show Highlight : Remington R51





” The Model R51 is a combination of features chosen specifically to make it extremely easy to point and shoot. Its grip angle has been optimized for rapid target acquisition. The low bore axis design boosts this effect while also aids in offering up to 25 percent less muzzle rise at the shot for faster, more accurate follow-ups. For comfortable carry, it features a lightweight aluminum frame with rounded edges.”



Our buddy Jeff Quinn over at Gunblast shoots the R51 and gives us his thoughts .




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Hear What Contributor Brian Belko Had To Say In His Shotgun Review Of The Mossberg 535 Turkey Thug.




” The Mossberg name is usually associated with well-built, functional, and reliable shotguns, and that association holds true with the Turkey Thug line of pump-action shotguns. Designed specifically with the turkey hunter in mind, this impressive line of shotguns provide the user with a light-weight, high-performance gun that is sure to become a spring woods favorite for years to come. Weighing in at a very manageable 6.75 pounds, the 535 version of the Turkey Thug shotgun line is finished in Mossy Oak Break-up Infinity camouflage. It also features Mossberg’s Lightning Pump Action (LPA) trigger. This trigger, similarly to the Accu-Trigger from Savage Arms, is user adjustable while also being creep free. This feature gives the Turkey Thug a very rifle-like trigger which will be appreciated by many hunters in the field.”











Published on May 6, 2013

” This is probably the longest video I have ever made but trust me its a good one. 

Ever wonder what the differences are between a Remington 870 and a Mossberg 500/590? Ever wonder which one you should buy? Which one is better?

Both shotguns have their pros & cons. In my opinion one is not necessarily better than the other. What it really boils down to is which shotgun has the “features” you want/need.

The best way to decide which shotgun is best for you is to know the features that separate them. Do not buy a gun based on some guy simply saying “brand X” is the best and has no facts to back it up. 

I did not talk about pistol grip shotguns in this video because I wanted to keep it basic and below 30 minutes long. I will talk about the pros & cons of pistol grip shotguns in a separate video.

My channel https://www.youtube.com/user/mixflip?…








High Court To Hear Obama Recess Appointments Case



” The Supreme Court on Monday waded into a major constitutional clash between President Barack Obama and congressional Republicans that could fundamentally limit a president’s use of recess appointments to fill high-level administration posts.

The justices will review a federal appeals court ruling that found Obama overstepped his authority when he bypassed the Senate last year to fill three vacancies on the National Labor Relations Board.

At issue for the Supreme Court: What constitutes a congressional recess and does it matter when a vacancy occurs?

A three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington, D.C., held earlier this year that recess appointments can be made only during the once-a-year break between sessions of Congress. Two judges on the panel also ruled — for the first time — that a vacancy must occur while the Senate is away in order to be filled during the same break.”




Illustration by The Looking Spoon









Deadly Camp Bastion Attack Review Finds Troops Let Guard Down

” Some guard towers on an allied military base in southern Helmand province of Afghanistan were unattended during a Taliban militants raid last September, National Public Radio (NPR) reported.

Capitol Hill sources told NPR the insurgents “got lucky” by cutting through the fence at a remote area of the base in Helmand Province.

According to Marine Corps review allied troops “let their guard down” at Camp Bastion and have now “vastly” beefed up security with sensors and more British and American guards, but there is no indication anyone will be held accountable.

A House staffer said, (Allied military officers) considered this kind of an attack a low probability.” ”

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Heckler & Kock USC 45 Carbine




” The HK USC45 Carbine is a Blow Back operated civilian version of the famed HK UMP which has been employed by both military and law enforcement agencies around the world chambered in 45 ACP.

The USC45 is yet another fine example of Heckler & Kock’s commitment to the creed of “No Compromise”, based on the proven track record and performance of the UMP which is employed by military and law enforcement agencies around the world. The appearance of this carbine has been modified from that of the UMP in direct response to requirements to meet import sales. I would describe the overall appearance of the weapon as being simple, modern and sleek.

The frame is made of reinforced polymers with a skeletonized stock stock with a cheek pad and a pistol grip. The USC boastes a cold forged 16″ target barrel with a heavy bolt mechanism which accounts for the majority of the weapons weight. “

Review: Director Peter Jackson Takes ‘An Unexpected Journey’ With Untested Technology




” The first entry of Peter Jackson’s Hobbit trilogy is a well paced, exciting piece of work, a welcome return to the world of Middle Earth Jackson so vividly brought to life between 2001 and 2003 in his massive, and massively profitable, Lord of the Rings films.

But then, I could be wrong. The film, as viewed in the director’s preferred format of “high frame rate” 3D, veers wildly from a stately demonstration of 3D’s potential, to a cheap-looking mess better suited for a local PBS affiliate, to a pan-and-scanned-to-death feature on basic cable. Such incongruities occasionally leave the audience wondering what, exactly, it has just seen. “

Gun Review: Beretta Nano






 ” My first impression of the Beretta BU9 Nano: awwww, it’s a baby Glock! Even the artful swage line running from the rear to the front of the Nano’s slide can’t hide the fact that the baby Beretta is an Austrian-style chunky monkey. At second glance, the Nano is a soap bar that’s been left in the shower for a couple of weeks. It’s small, slim, sleek and sexy; a snag-free concealable shooter with low-profile sights and beveled edges. There’s no slide stop to be seen; the reversible mag release is the pistol’s only protrusion. You could even say the striker-fired Nano looks like a Glock to be named later. Not that that’s a bad thing . . .

Like any little single stacker, the Beretta Nano challenges its owners to concentrate [even more carefully] on shot placement. The Nano packs a scant 6+1 rounds of your favorite flavor of nine mil. Fortunately, Beretta includes a spare magazine in the deal, encouraging Nano packers to double-up on ammo for any worst case scenario. Combat reload? Good luck with that.

Along with the Kahr CM9, the BU9 is +P rated. You can use hotter ammo, but you better hold on tight. The Nano is strictly a two-finger salute to Mr. Bad guy. The gun leaves smaller-handed women (like yours truly) struggling for pinky purchase. Depending on the size of your mitts, the Nano’s report may be best appreciated as the sound of one hand defending.”

Southport 29 CC




” As we motored toward the Kennebec Tavern & Marina in Bath, Maine, I could see the Southport 29 on the outside dock, tugging gently at its lines. The rich, maroon hull against the searing white of the deck and console gave it a crisp, regal look in the mid-August sun.I was not surprised at all to step aboard and see that quality carried through the design and layout of this yacht-like fishing machine. And I was pleased to know I’d be fishing from and around this new center-console for the next three days to generate a photo gallery and upcoming 2013 feature article about Northeast sharking. “




 ” Between trips offshore on flat-calm seas and treks up the Kennebec River to plumb cooler depths for stripers, I was able to wrestle the helm away from my fellow anglers long enough to tick off the items on my boat-test checklist.
Time to plane: Depending upon whether I ran into the tide or with it, my measurements ranged from 3.8 to 4.6 seconds, for an average of 4.2 seconds. The boat, powered by twin Yamaha 300s, carried three adults, 170 gallons of fuel, tackle and gear. “




I decided to live-tweet this one; you can find my tweets here. The president certainly did better in this debate than he did in the first disastrous one, but Romney pretty much held his own, and likely continues to be seen as an acceptable alternative to Barack Obama. I thought that the debate was a functional draw, since the president didn’t make Romney look unacceptable as a potential replacement, and since Romney held his own and kept it close–certainly closer than Barack Obama managed to keep it in the first debate. Ron Fournier agreesCNN has the president as having won the debate, but the margin of victory is within the margin of error, which is certainly worth noting.

Romney’s strongest points came when he recounted the failed policies and broken promises of the Obama administration, and their consequences. His weakest points came when he complained about the rules and the process of the debate. The president was determined to have more energy and to call Romney a liar at every opportunity, but failed to present any kind of vision whatsoever for how a second Obama term might be better than the first one. ”




Rabblerousing Is Good 



 ”  “I think it’s an important story about the effect that one person can have in a very short period of time to change the way an entire culture looks at something like the media,” said Larry Solov, president of Breitbart News Network and Andrew’s lifelong best friend. “And, frankly, the media was more interesting, in most ways, to Andrew than politics.”

Breitbart insisted that liberals controlled the establishment media outlets, so he declared war using the Internet as his battleground. The film includes his promotion of James O’Keefe’s anti-ACORN sting, hisShirley Sherrod smear and his one acknowledged journalistic scoop: Publishing Rep. Anthony Weiner’s lewd pictures, which resulted in the congressman’s resignation. Only one area was off- limit to the filmmakers: Breitbart’s wife and kids.

The documentary was originally scheduled to open Friday in a limited national release, but producers delayed it one week while appealing the Motion Picture Association of America’s “R” rating for the many f-bombs on screen. (A MPAA rep told us the appeal is subject to the release date and rules of the ratings system.) “

The Sig P290 reviewed

  “Pocket pistols are all the rage these days for people concerned with concealed carry. This trend got started with the revival of the .380ACP as a popular carry cartridge and it didn’t take long for manufacturers to realize they could make a 9mm in a similarly small and popular platform. This is a good thing for defensive shooters because there are more pistols to choose from than ever before and the competition to sell these small pistols means the quality and reliability keeps right on improving. In the not-too-distant past if you wanted a small, concealable semi-auto pistol there were few choices, many of them poor, as the quality of some of the available pistols was pretty bad.”


Jennifer Rubin at Right Turn

” 2. The press, even liberal commentators, admitted that Obama had bombed. Sure, there
were bitter-enders who claimed all was fine, but the cable TV talking heads and the vast majority of columnists were brutally honest. MSNBC personalities were downright glum. “

Warner Todd Huston

   “One of the things we were treated to at this year’s Right Online event, sponsored byAmericans for Prosperity, was the world premiere of the documentary filmOccupy Unmasked.

The one thing I can say about this film is it is absolutely intense. The amount of violence committed by the “Occupy” leftists is shocking when you see so much of it gathered into one visual presentation. But the behind the scenes lies and the smoke screen deployed to hide who is really behind the creation and launching of this so-called “movement” is just as shocking and this film documents both. “