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Throwback Thursday: 10 Handguns To Own Before You Die



NRA Handgun Bucket List




” Our first “Throwback Thursday” for 2015 is only a few years old, but in the spirit of creating a “bucket list” of things to do or see before you “kick the bucket,” we have brought back Jerry Lee’s compilation of handguns he believes all firearm enthusiasts should have at some time in his or her life.”



    Clicking the link in the title of on the picture will take you to the original article where the reader can click on each individual gun for more detailed information about the chosen piece such as our favorite pistol , the Browning Hi-Power …







” Browning Hi Power

Posted by Jerry Lee

  No list of important handguns is complete without the Hi Power. Today’s gun catalogs are full of “high-capacity nines” but this was the original. With its double-stack magazine holding 13 rounds plus one in the chamber, you can see where the name “Hi Power” originated. Considered to be John Browning’s last handgun design (with final touches by Dieudonne Saive of FN), the Hi Power is considered by some to be an improved 1911. It has been used by the militaries of more than 50 countries since 1935, and still serves many to this day. The grip fits some hands better than just about any handgun and as the design approaches its 80th anniversary, it is a fine example of a full-size 9 mm. “



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Five New Smith & Wesson Revolvers For 2014





” Earlier this week Smith & Wesson announced the Performance Center Model 929 Jerry Miculek edition revolver. They’re following it up with four more revolvers for hunting, self-defense and spending time at the range.

  The Model 929 is a full-size revolver with an eight-round cylinder, chambered for 9mm Parabellum and it uses moonclips. As the name implies, it was designed with help from champion shooter Jerry Miculek. The revolver has a very clear purpose, and that’s revolver competition shooting.”









Turnbull Manufacturing to Produce Limited Run of Colt Buntline Revolvers *


English: Colt SAA Buntline special (Uberti mad...

English: Colt SAA Buntline special (Uberti made) Italiano: Colt SAA Buntline special (Fabbricata da Uberti) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


” Turnbull Manufacturing, renown maker of simple, rugged and gorgeous antique-style firearms, is bringing back the Colt Buntline, complete with their unmatched panache and style. To keep them as special as the original Buntline revolvers, they will only make limited production run of ten guns.

Based on the Colt Single Action Army, the Turnbull Buntline can be chambered in your choice of .45 Long Colt or .44 Magnum. Like the archetypal Colt revolvers, Turnbull’s Buntlines are made to order with barrel lengths up to 16 inches long.

While having one chambered in .45 Colt is absolutely more true to the iconic design, .44 Magnum really takes advantage of longer barrels, and is guaranteed to be a soft-shooter with the Buntline design.

These Turnbull Buntlines are not inexpensive, but they’re not unattainable at $1,650 each; considerably less than an original Buntline. In 2010, one example sold for $345,000. In 2012, a very rare 16-inch model auctioned for over $546,000.

The history of the Buntline is part steel and part myth. Ostensibly named for pulp fiction author Ned Buntline, it is believed that Colt made up to 30 Buntline revolvers in 1876.”



     As fate would have it Ned Buntline’s Birthday was March 20th . See more at Uncurrent Events 3.20.13 Births




Why the .22 can be a good choice for self defense


” Heresy! No gun writer is allowed to advocate for the .22 LR as a self defense caliber, right?Well, I suppose I didn’t get that memo. Maybe it is in the spam filter of my e-mail account. Don’t worry – It is not my intention to start a holy war over which caliber is better than another. I think we can all agree that given a center mass shot, any of the major calibers, such as the .357 Magnum and .45 ACP, are superior to the .22 LR in terms of stopping bad people from doing bad things. But that is not to say the little rimfire cannot be an adequate self-defense caliber. I hope to illustrate that the .22 might be a viable option for self defense in certain situations. “

Ruger’s Game-Changing Line of LCR Pocket Revolvers

 ” There was a time when most who carried a pocket gun chose a revolver over a semi-auto. Today, the semi-auto has gained in popularity, due to their light weight, improved reliability, small size, and lower cost. Still, the revolver is an excellent choice for concealed carry, whether in the pocket or in a holster. A lightweight, compact revolver such as the LCR carries very well. The hammer is concealed, offering a snag-proof draw, and the enclosed action also keeps debris from entering the innards of the weapon. A revolver also has the unique advantage of being capable of being fired from within a jacket pocket, if necessary. Doing so with a semi-auto will result in a malfunction, but the LCR and other enclosed-hammer revolvers can do so without a problem. Another great advantage of a revolver is that the manual of arms is much simpler and easy to understand, even for a beginner. Many gun trainers and professionals forget that most folks who carry a firearm for protection are not really “gun people”. They do not eat, sleep, and breathe guns as some of us do. To these folks, the gun is merely a tool. They want one around to protect themselves and their families, they want it to work when needed, but they do not obsess with its design nor its function. They simply want the weapon to fire when needed, without a lot of complication. For those who desire these attributes in a firearm, the revolver is as simple as it gets, from a user’s perspective. The revolver is easy to load, easy to unload, and easy to determine whether or not it is loaded, after only minimal instruction. “