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  Barone on the “Dead” Tea Party

” But there’s a pattern here that the big liberal press has been reluctant to recognize: Candidates from the GOP establishment are
getting knocked off by challengers with less name recognition, far less money, and the support of the Tea Party movement. The Tea Party was supposed to be dead and gone, you know .”

   As we wait with bated breath for the Supremes to announce their decision viz the constitutionality of Obamacare , Richard Mourdock’s office let slip a preemptive , celebratory video .

Allahpundit explains 

  ” Silly fun via Roll Call and, evidently, a Mourdock campaign staffer whose YouTube upload trigger finger got a bit too itchy. Nothing wrong with planning for every contingency so that you’re ready to go messaging-wise when the bomb drops; Ed and I, in fact, have already prepared posts for 17 different possible outcomes, including one in which John Roberts is eaten by wolves as he’s reading the majority opinion. I’m impressed, actually, that Mourdock was so thorough:”

Wah , Wah , Wah

   If you needed more evidence that a Senator who had to stay in a hotel at taxpayer expense when he visited his ‘home’ district because he doesn’t even own one , then how about this long winded , self-serving and very undignified concession speech from Dick ” Rinosaur ” Lugar . Gosh almighty , show some class for crying out loud . You surely sucked enough of a living off of the taxpayers teat .

    Of course to my mind , if your chief emphasis is the need for ” bipartisanship ” then you really aren’t representing your constituents , are you ? Bipartisanship only seems to apply for Republicans and really means capitulation . 

Learn about Richard Mourdock here. Regular readers are already familiar with another of youviewed.com‘s favorites , Mia Love . in the coming days we will be highlighting other candidates of fiscal responsibility so stay tuned .

Enough already , Indiana please put this Rinosaur out to pasture . If a candidate needs to resort to pleas for voters on the other side of the aisle to aid him in gaining his own party’s nomination then said candidate certainly cannot be representative of his constituents .

And, via Politico, Dick Lugar plea for Dems, independents:

Lugar told CNN’s “Starting Point” on Tuesday that he believes he will emerge  as the winner after polls close, but he pushed for voters outside his party to  cast ballots on his behalf in the Republican primary.

“I believe in fact we’re going to win the campaign. As a matter  of fact, we’ve invited everybody in the state of Indiana who is a registered  voter to vote for me today,” he said.

Lugar said later in the interview he wanted to “emphasize” he was inviting  every single voter in Indiana to support his candidacy, no matter their  party.

“Those of us who are Republicans have to make certain that we enlarge our  party, that we have persons who may have been independent in the past who are  going to be independent Republicans or independents generally who are going to  favor our party. Because our party, at least in Indiana, is only about 35  percent of the electorate.

If you are in Indiana and eligible to vote in the Republican primary please help retire a Rinosaur non-resident of your fine state and cast a ballot for Operation Counterweight and Richard Mourdock . 

 “That being said, the conditions of 2012 – specifically, the now-certain nomination of Mitt Romney as the Republican candidate for president – call for conservatives to take a harder line than ever in supporting Operation Counterweight (William Jacobson’s term), in particular to seek in Senate races what David Freddoso has called “an un-bossable Senate.” Party insiders expect conservatives, Tea Party-style outsiders and single-issue social conservatives to show up to vote anyway for a party whose leader is a man many of us distrust on nearly every issue. Politics, they remind us, is compromise. And that’s precisely my point: it is exactly because one side of the party got Romney that the other can less afford to swallow Romney-like figures in the Senate. That doesn’t mean backing the most conservative candidate in every single race without considering any other factor – but it does mean giving more than usual preference to the more conservative and/or less establishment option in Senate races. It’s not about demanding absolute party purity – it’s about recognizing that Romney has sopped up most of our tolerance for impurity already. If you want a Senate that will hold Romney’s feet to the fire, you have to start by replacing men like Dick Lugar and, in Utah, 78-year old Orrin Hatch.”

Hopefully another incumbent sent into retirement . If we could do this with regularity we would not need term limits. 



“Indiana Sen. Richard Lugar will face a steep uphill battle in the state’s Republican primaries next Tuesday, according to a new poll that shows the longtime incumbent down ten points against conservative State Treasurer Richard Mourdock.”

With a little luck Lugar will be retired shortly . The man can’t even vote for himself . LOL

 “Dick Lugar has announced that his campaign will target cell phone users browsing the internet in zip codes where Richard Mourdock events are taking place.

The targeted ads will repeat the misleading claim, already debunked by FactCheck.org, that Mourdock cheated on taxes.  This is yet another sign of Lugar desperation. “

Pro-Lugar SuperPAC pulls out of race

 “Lugar still has a big warchest to draw from, so the loss of ads against Mourdock won’t hurt him that badly in the air war. But this is the latest sign that the race is slipping away from the six-term senator, who has been badly damaged after it was revealed he’s lived in Washington, D.C. for decades and is a top target of many conservative groups.

The race seems to be slipping away from Lugar and the American Action Network may want to avoid inflicting any more damage on Mourdock, the likely nominee, ahead of what could be a competitive general election race against Rep. Joe Donnelly (D-Ind.).”

Time for change , I mean new blood , Lugar has done honorable work in the past for the conservative cause , but like all of those that reside in DC too long he has become part of the problem . Perhaps his opponent for the republican nomination , Richard Mourdock will stand us in good stead . Help send ” Obama’s Favorite Republican “ into retirement .

 “Indiana Sen. Dick Lugar has fallen behind state Treasurer Richard Mourdock by five points, according to a new poll released Thursday”



Time for fresh blood . These career politicians need to be shown the door .