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Daily Video 10.16.14

SIG 516 Carbon TS Review – Guns.com





Published on Oct 8, 2014

” SIG Sauer combines the perfect competition gun with an outstanding combat rifle to create one of the best AR15s on the planet, the SIG SG 516 Carbon TS, chambered in 5.56mm and .223 Remington “












Incredible Shot From Nearly 1.5 Miles







” A few days ago I took out the 338 Lapua and attempted the 2500 yard shot. So I placed the target at 2530 yards or 1.43 miles away, at that distance the bullet flight time is almost 4.5 seconds! Made a short video that I think you guys will enjoy.  
  I went out early in the morning to beat the mirage, luckly there was very little wind around 3-4 mph coming from the left, I dialed 2.6 mils Left. I had to dialed the maximum elevation my scope (Nightforce NXS 5.5-22×56 MIL/MIL) had at 27.4 mils then held over 2.5 mils on the reticle to get me to 29.9 mils. I really hope you guys enjoy the video, please comment or ask any questions you may have…….and let me know what you think! Thanks for watching! “



HT/The Blaze















Target Shooting In America




Millions Of Shooters , Billions Of Dollars




    This report by the National Shooting Sports Foundation provides fascinating reading . The number of shooters as well as the money and time spent at the range boggles the mind and should give pause to those who think that gun enthusiasts are a group to be ignored and trampled upon .




Target Shooting 2




” Whether it’s religiously practiced at a range or shooting club each week or participated as an occasional weekend activity in the countryside with friends, millions of Americans go target shooting each year. In fact, more Americans target shoot each year than the number of people who live in the entire state of Florida or New York. Target shooters may be having fun afield with each shot at a clay pigeon or paper target, but with each outing, they are also part of an economic force at work. In fact, their activities generate $9.9 billion in spending each year through the purchase of shooting-specific products and services and create hundreds of thousands of jobs directly associated with the sale and manufacture of those goods and the provision of those services. As such, target shooting provides fun and enjoyment for millions of Americans, but ultimately benefits millions more through its positive economic impact.”




Just take a look at these numbers …



Target Shooters




” Target shooting comes in many forms. Participants shoot to test their skills and prepare for competition, hone their defensive abilities, test their marksmanship with new loads and optics or to simply have fun!Just like owning multiple tools to perform different jobs, many target shooters own more than one firearm, each with a particular use or purpose. With 65 percent of all target shooters, rifles are the most often used firearm. Handguns follow closely behind. Shotguns are used by 48 percent of all participants with muzzleloaders used by 18 percent of the shooting public. Although more target shooters use rifles, handgun users actually spend more days shooting, in part due to greater availability of indoor ranges in urban areas where more people live. Participation in target shooting by state roughly parallels each state’s population. Even in largely urban areas, people are keen to try their hand with firearms. Despite restrictions that can make target shooting activities difficult to enjoy, target shooting remains extremely popular and continues to grow everywhere.”



    Target shooting generates incredible amounts of revenue for businesses both firearm related and others as well as creating hundreds of thousands of jobs .



Target Shooting Expenditures


Read the whole report , download the PDF and be sure to share it with your friends and fellow shooters .









Police: Victim Shoots Home Invader In North Beaver





” A man fought back against a home invasion by three men, one of whom was shot during the violent confrontation early Friday morning.

  State police believe the wounded intruder ran through some nearby woods to flee the crime scene in North Beaver Township, Lawrence County. He later turned up at a hospital and was flown to UPMC Presbyterian in Pittsburgh for surgery.

  The incident happened around 2 a.m. at a home on Hillsville Road in a very quiet part of town, close to the border of Bessemer Borough.

  Police believe the men broke into the house, and a resident inside was pistol-whipped. The victim was then able to grab a rifle and fire back at the suspects, hitting one of them in the chest.”

Read more









Sheriff: Son Shoots Burglar ToSave Father’s Life During Stand-Off






” The homeowner also observed a Dodge pickup and flatbed trailer parked in the dark on the road near his house. The man saw the pickup truck was running with the keys in the ignition. He entered the suspect’s truck, turned the engine off and removed the keys. Suddenly, the suspect appeared and a confrontation ensued. The suspect managed to get the man’s rifle away from him, assaulting the man in the process.

  The homeowner’s son, awakened by the gunshots, saw the young male suspect raise the rifle and, fearing the suspect was about to shoot his father, shot the suspect, killing him instantly.
” We are a nation of laws. Our law protects the law-abiding citizens of our nation,” said Van Zandt County Sheriff Lindsey Ray. “It is unfortunate that a young man had to die this morning in our community because of a bad decision he made to violate the rights of a law-abiding citizen.” “


Sheriff Ray has his priorities in order.







Daily Video 2.10.14

Duck Dynasty Mossberg Line At The GAO show




Published on Feb 9, 2014

” Mossberg’s Duck Dynasty rifle, pistol and shotgun at the NRA’s Great American Outdoor Show.”









For The Big Game Hunter In Your Family – The Beretta SS06 EELL



” Big game hunting, for those who partake in it, is an extraordinary and enthusiastic experience. For dedicated hunters worldwide, a Beretta Express Rifle in the hand means a trophy on the wall. Express Rifles are not ordinary firearms. Beretta’s almost five centuries of gunmaking help create Express Rifles that deliver a potent combination of ultra-strong receivers and carefully crafted barrels to comfortably handle today’s powerful ballistics with remarkable accuracy.



Beretta SSO6 Express



” Based on the configurations of the famous SO over-and-unders, the SSO6 Express Rifles have an exceptionally sturdy receiver with side-locks and cold hammer forged barrels, fully rifled inside for the maximum accuracy. Fitted with a blade front sight and a V-notch rear sight with a folding leaf, the SSO6 barrels can be custom ordered with claw mounts for a factory-fitted Zeiss® scope, sighted in at 100 meters. Hand finished, hand checkered stocks and fore-ends are made from selected walnut or walnut briar with a cheek rest. A special trapdoor compartment for extra cartridges is fitted inside the stock, and an area under the pistol grip cap holds a set of spare front sights.”


Beretta SS06

Note the typos in the above announcement : These guns are rifles , not shotguns.




    Like all Beretta products this rifle is exquisitely crafted and a work of art in and of itself . It is available in calibers 9.3x74R , .375 Holland & Holland Magnum and .458 Winchester Magnum . A little investigation has revealed that the suggested list price of this beautiful firearm ($61,200.00) puts it out of our league but we’d surely welcome one as a Christmas gift . 








H&K Semi-Auto G36 Coming Soon To The Civilian Market?




” Few guns are portrayed in movies, television and video games as the Heckler and Koch G36 rifle. This, along with the fact that the rifle is used by numerous military and police units around the world has made it one of the most iconic guns in the world. However, a semi-auto version of the rifle has been unavailable to civilians.

According to the Guns.com report, the process of making the rifle available for the civilian market is still in its early stages,

Heckler & Koch is hoping to bring a semi-automatic variant of the G36 rifle to the commercial market. The German federal register has posted H&K’s submission to the German federal police, which is the first step in bringing a rifle to the German and American public.

It is up to the German federal police to determine if the changes to the new designs are adequate in preventing users from easily modifying the gun to restore its select-fire capability. Heckler & Koch’s commercial offerings must be semi-automatic only before they will release the guns for sale.”









How Many Xboxes Does It Take To Stop A .50 BMG?



” When you think about what’s inside an Xbox the results aren’t too surprising. Yeah, .50 BMG throws a big bullet plenty fast but put a wall of copper, glass and steel in front of any projectile and see how much luck you have with that.

Fortunately, that’s where the C4 comes in.”



See how the Xboxes fare vs C4 in slow motion at Guns.com











AR15 Muzzle Brake/Flash Hider/Compensator Comparison, Part 1



Note: While I work to verify my recoil data, I have decided to release the first part of this comparison, which covers muzzle flash.

One of the most popular accessories for today’s AR15 owner is a muzzle device. Want less muzzle flash? There’s a device for that. Want less recoil? There’s a device for that, too. Want less muzzle flash AND less recoil? Some devices even claim to perform multiple functions.

I have been closely studying how various muzzle devices perform for years, and this summer, with the assistance of Advanced Armament Company, B.E. Meyers, and Silencerco, was able to test a significant number of devices currently on the market in unique and highly educational ways. I did not manage to test all of the devices on the market, or even all of the most popular ones. I did include a good sample of different types of devices. It is my hope that after reviewing this article, the reader will be able to look at any muzzle device and be able to make an educated guess regarding its characteristics in a number of areas. As you will see, some perform quite similarly to one another.


If you would like to see how each device performed, scroll down to the graphs below. However, I feel that a preface is warranted here.”



View The Whole Thing Here








What the Military Issue Rifle Is in Each Country of the World


” Different strokes, different folks. Different guns, different countries. Here’s a map showing the military issue rifle for each country in the world. You’ll see familiar M4s, AK-47s, AK-74s, some M16s and tinkles of other weaponry. Judging by the map’s choice of colors, it seems to group weapons that are of a similar family together by color.

To be sure, there are more guns used by the military than just these but this map gives a general gist of each military’s standardization. Here’s a rundown of what some of these guns look like, courtesy of Wikipedia:”

Read On

5 Big Game Rifle Rounds… For Beginners (Videos)


.30-30 Win



” Though in our minds big game season seems so close that we can taste it, the truth is there is still ample time for would-be sportsmen to dust off their deer rifles and get into the hunt so to speak. This invitation is especially directed towards the younger or beginning hunters, who I’m sure are filled with hunting questions, the most obvious being,what caliber rifle do I get?

While hard, long and flat rounds like the .30-06 and .308 appear to dominate the North American hunting rifle scene and even the popular .223 is making a name for itself as a surprisingly capable deer round, these cartridges are not really the best choice for someone who has never stalked whitetails before, let alone shot a gun. So what do you get the fledgling deer hunter who is looking for a rifle to start off with? A caliber that will get the job done with ‘minute of deer’ accuracy but also won’t send the shooter running back to the cabin with a sore shoulder once the gun goes off.

Well, there are actually quite a few choices out there with such a proven history:”








Woman Shoots & Kills Man In Gas Station, Takes Pictures Of Body On Phone – CAUGHT ON TAPE


SE Houston Shooting


” A woman shot and killed a man at a Houston gas station.

Not only was the incident recorded on the gas station’s security camera — the woman also captured it on her own cellphone.

The unidentified female got a .22-cal rifle out of the back of her truck and threateningly pointed it at the victim, 58-year-old Louis Daniel, before shooting. The man only had a pocketknife and umbrella.”

7 Rifles Enter ‘The Ugly Gun’ Club



” If you want to get technical about it, a rifle is just about any shoulder fired long arm used to hit targets accurately at long distances. Nothing in there says anything about being easy on the eyes and indeed never once did aesthetics alone make one shooter better than another. But it does hurt sales, and with that in mind, we take a look at a number of rifles that no one ever would consider gun porn.”


6.  SIG 510

” The Swiss have a firearms legacy that nobody really wants to poke a stick at. After all, they haven’t had to kick out an invader in 500 years even though they were geographically in the middle of both World Wars. But, have you ever looked at the SIG 510? Known in Alps as the Sturmgewehr 57, it was Switzerland’s main battle rifle for most of the Cold War. When most of the world still used wooden stocks, the Swiss went with rubber coated fore and buttstocks that were ribbed for your shooting pleasure. A very long rifle, it tipped the scales at nearly 13-pounds. Still, despite looking like stretched out taffy it shoots like a laser.” 


SIg 510









Remington 700 Mil-Spec 5R: Bargain Buy For A Thousand-Yard Rifle



” To many shooters, the allure of long-range rifle shooting is irresistible. An accurate rifle that can reach out and touch at a thousand yards is an attractive part of any collection. What isn’t so glamorous of long-range shooting is emptying the life savings to afford a rifle capable of it. In the search for a rifle that could shoot well but wouldn’t break the bank, I came across a member of the Remington 700 family, the Mil-Spec 5R stainless steel in .308 Winchester.”




” The main feature that sets this rifle apart from other Remington rifles is the 5R rifled barrel. This is the same type of rifling used in the standard-issue M24 sniper rifles, which uses five lands and grooves instead of six. The edges of the lands are tapered down to the grooves, which results in a more complete gas seal around the bullet and the five lands and grooves cause less deformation of the bullet, which leads to better accuracy over conventional rifling.

The heavy-profile barrel is 24 inches long and made of stainless steel. Coupled with the 5R rifling is a faster 1 in 11.25-inch twist, allowing heavier bullets to be stabilized reliably.” 







Nostalgia Trip: 5 Classic 50s Battle Rifles



” In the 1950s cars were made out of steel, cigarettes were a food group, and men scraped the hair from their face with a straight razor. That decade where Elvis was thin and everybody liked Ike was also the golden age of the battle rifle and Guns.com is looking at five classics:

In 1953, the infant NATO military alliance adopted the US-developed 7.62×51mm T65E3 cartridge as its standard rifle round. This round was destined to replace the US .30-06 fired by the M1 Garandthe British .303 of the Commonwealth Armies, the 8mm Mauser of the West German Army and others. It brought to the table a shorter length round that still had the power of the cartridges it replaced—but with less recoil. This led to a number of so-called battle rifle designs, ending the 70-year reign of the bolt-action rifle in military service.”





Is Tracking Point’s Precision Guided Firearm the Future…


Published on Jan 22, 2013

” This new shooting system takes fighter jet technology and applies it to long-range shooting. Here’s how it works. First the shooter tags his target. Then the scope takes a ballistic formula accounting for distance, wind, elevation, temperature and a wide variety of other factors and tracks the target. The system only allows the shooter to fire when the reticle (or in this case an ‘x’) is in proper position to hit the target.”





Five Classic Marlin Rifles


” Marlin has been in the gun biz for going on 150-years. Founded just after the Civil War by John Mahlon Marlin, they have produced more than a hundred models of firearms in almost every caliber imaginable. Here we look at five of their timeless classics. These guns were all extremely popular standard production models that helped make the brand a household name.”

At the top of the list comes our personal favorite …

Model 1895 


Five Classic Marlin Rifles - christophereger - marlin-1895-91.jpg



” Lewis Hepburn was Marlin’s preeminent firearms designer in the 19th century. He invented a long line of lever action guns that included the M1888, 1889, and others that introduced innovative takedown actions, magazines, and trigger groups. In 1896, he produced his masterpiece, the M1895 rifle. It was the first lever action rifle that used a solid top receiver, side ejection, and Ballard barrels. Produced in standard and take down models (which could be disassembled for transport) these guns were built in hard-hitting .38-56, .40-65, .40-82, 45.-70, and .45-90. As such, they were capable of taking down anything from deer to moose to buffalo and everything in between. Not bad for an 8-pound rifle. Some 400,000 of these guns were built until 1917. After taking a break from the design for fifty years (not a lot of buffalo around these days) Marlin brought the gun back in a greatly redesigned (based on the Model 444 action) as the New Model 1895 in 1972, which is today still in production in in a four-shot .45-70.”

Can you name the other four ?







      “America’s Deer Rifle”





” Grand Prize: One Grand Prize Winner will receive one (1) Mike Hanback’s personal Remington Model 700 Rifle. Mike will hunt with this very rifle during the 2012 filming season for “Big Deer TV” on the Sportsman Channel.

In addition, the Grand Prize winner will also receive one (1) Trijicon AccuPoint 3-9x scope, one (1) case of Remington Centerfire Hunting Ammunition and one (1) Big Deer Gear package (including logo caps and shirts).

(Two) Runner-up Prize Packages: Two contestants will each receive one (1) Case of Remington Centerfire Hunting Ammunition, one (1) Remington Cleaning Supply Package and (1) Big Deer Gear Package (including logo caps and shirts).

How to Enter



By using the entry form below, submit a digital photo (JPEG ONLY) of you, a family member, or a hunting buddy—anyone hunting with or shooting a Remington Model 700 rifle, old or new. Only original digital photographs or scanned versions of older photographs are accepted. A classy and well-composed “hero shot” of a hunter(s) and his or her buck and Remington Model 700 will garner special attention from the judges.

With your submission, please write 200 to 400 words about hunting with your Remington Model 700 rifle and describe why you think the Model 700 is “America’s Favorite Deer Rifle”.  Examples: How long have you owned your Model 700 rifle? What do you like most about your Model 700? How many deer have you shot with it? Was there one memorable buck hunt where your Model 700 really shined and did the job? Has your Model 700 become a family heirloom?

Contest dates: October 15, 2012 and ends April 1, 2013. ALL ENTRIES MUST BE RECEIVED BY APRIL 1, 2013.

Each person is limited to ONE (1) ENTRY for the Contest.








The Colt Revolving Rifle: Semi-Automatic Firepower, 1855 (VIDEO)



British 15 inch barrel models of Colt's patent



” Samuel Colt is well known today as the father of the cartridge revolver but over the past 200 years, the company he founded has also made serious inroads into military rifle production, currently contracted to produce the M4 carbine for the Department of Defense. What you may not know is that Mr. Colt sought to sell the Army a carbine version of his famous revolvers long before the M4 was a glimmer in Eugene Stoner’s eye.


Why a revolving rifle?

Patent drawings for the Colt revolving rifle; essentially the Colt Paterson in rifle form.

In the 1850s, the standard long arm of the time was the muzzle-loading musket. These guns took a well-trained expert shooter twenty breathless seconds to load and fire. Samuel Colt in 1836 patented his revolving-breech loading, folding trigger handgun named the Colt Paterson.

This revolver could deliver five shots in about as many seconds. After a series of sales to both the military and the discerning public, Colt began to explore the option of a rapid-fire rifle. Such a firearm could fire out to rifle range by using a longer barrel, but deliver the firepower of his proven revolver design.”

FNH Lands Army M4 Contract, Underbids Colt, Remington



” After a lengthy back-and-forth bidding war between Colt and Remington, one that would eventually involve the Government Accountability Office and the threat of a Congressional hearing, F.N. Herstal has won the contract to update and replace the Army’s aging rifles.

In April of 2012, Remington finally broke the chain of Colt contracts with the U.S. Army, placing an $84 million bid for a run of 120,000 M4A1s, with 24,000 carbines to be delivered starting September of this year.

The cost per Remington M4A1 was just $673 per. Their bid severely undercut Colt’s previous contract, which priced the rifles at over $1,200 a piece.

FN’s contract with the Army is $77 million for the first 120,000 rifles, which works out to a bottom line of just under $642 per M4A1. These will be manufactured at FNH USA in South Carolina along side the M16A4s and M249s FNH USA currently produces for the U.S. armed forces.”


Daily Video 2.17.13

Swiss Schmidt Rubin Model 1889 Rifle

The Most Wanted Gun in America

” THE phone rings again at Pasadena Pawn and Gun, and a familiar question comes down the line: “Got any ARs?”

The answer is no. Pasadena Pawn and Gun, a gun retailer and pawnshop 15 miles south of Baltimore, is pretty much sold out of America’s most wanted gun, the AR-15-style semiautomatic rifle. Since the massacre in Newtown, Conn., in December, the AR-15, the military-style weapon that the police say was used in the shootings, has been selling fast here and across the nation.

Before Newtown, the rifles sold for about $1,100, on average. Now some retailers charge twice that. At Pasadena Pawn, on the wall behind glass counters of handguns, are three dozen or so AR-15-style rifles. Dangling from nearly every one is a tag that says “Sold.”

“The AR-15, it’s kind of fashionable,” says Frank Loane Sr., the proprietor. His shop has a revolving waiting list for the rifles, and a handful of people are now on it. “The young generation likes them, the assault-looking guns.” “

American Tactical Imports GERGSTG44 GSG STG-44 Rifle .22 LR 16in 25rd Black



American Tactical Imports GERGSTG44 GSG STG-44 Rifle .22 LR 16in 25rd Black for sale at Tombstone Tactical.



  From Tombstone Tactical Imports comes this historical reproduction of the Sturmgewehr 44 in 22LR .


Manufacturer: American Tactical Imports
Part Number: GERGSTG44
Category: Long Rifles – Rifles
Caliber: .22 LR
Action: Semi-Automatic
MSRP: $599.95
Last Price: $552.07
Shipping: $35.00