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  ” It has been five days since the election.  It has been five days since Mitt Romney lost and the establishment started its narrative.  It is also starting to push the Republican Party and conservatives down a path that will result in another defeat in 2016, if we let them.

What are they doing and how do we stop them?

The establishment has hit the ground running trying to pin the blame for the defeat of Mitt Romney and the disastrous Senate races on the Tea Party and on conservatism.

Peggy Noonan, the Doyenne of RINOs, made the talk show circuit again to explain that once again, all of the problems in the world and the Republican Party are conservatives’ fault. “


The only “responsible” republicans , as far as the media is concerned , are the squishes that make up that species known here as RINOsaurs .

   Such a terrible spectacle to watch as the left and their toadies in the MSM lose control of the narrative . Ha !

” The mainstream media is awash with criticism of Republicans, but it always denounces the wrong people. If you listen to the media, you’d think the GOP is being wrecked by people like Jim DeMint, Allen West, Sarah Palin, and the Tea Party. In other words, the real problem with the Republican Party is supposed to be the responsible conservatives who put their country first, want to keep us from going broke, and actually represent the people who elected them. Wrong answer, buddy. You want to know the types of Republicans that are hurting the GOP? ”

Of course you do so read on and let John Hawkins enlighten you .

Arlen Specter to Utah voters: Keep Orrin Hatch. “

  If there is a politician in existence less likely for the Tea Party/Conservatives to take endorsement advice from , I can’t imagine it . 

  Kind of like asking Obama who his opponent should be , no ?

Now They’re Catching On

The whole point of the Tea Party movement in a nutshell , not just to hold Mitt’s feet to the fire , but to also serve notice to all the spend-o-saurus Rinosaurs that the party is over and we want fiscal restraint and responsibility .

“With the Republican presidential nomination going to the ideologically malleable Mitt Romney, supporters of limited government have recognized that their best hope for advancing the conservative agenda rests on the ability to elect as many principled conservatives to Congress as possible. That is, lawmakers who will be willing to fight for smaller government even if it means standing up to a president of their own party. The more victories the Tea Party racks up, the greater the chance that Romney will be forced to govern as a limited government conservative if elected, even if his natural inclination is to migrate to the left.”