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“Burn This Bitch Down!”: Mike Brown’s Stepdad Incites A Riot



Published on Nov 25, 2014

” Compilation of video from CNN, New York Times, and Adrian Hubbard covering speech of Louis Head to a crowd in Ferguson, Mo., on the evening of Nov. 24, 2014.

  UPDATE (11:55 p.m.) — The citizen journalist who recorded and uploaded the third video (seen shaking hands with Head at 4:05) is not identified in the video, but turns out to be Adrian Hubbard. His Facebook posting of the video (made Nov. 24, 11:37 p.m.; 9,300 comments so far) is here:
https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=… “



    With a pants-down , riot-inciting hoodlum step-father like Louis Head it’s small wonder Michael Brown was engaged in the thug life .

   Confronted about the incendiary performance by her husband on the Today Show , Brown’s mother , Lesley McSpadden excused his diatribe and blamed the democratic governor:


” “That he was just emotional,” McSpadden said. “I don’t feel that he stirred the crowd. The crowd was already stirred. It’s been stirring since Aug. 9.”

  Instead, she blamed Missouri Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon. “I hold — I wouldn’t hold him accountable for that. That comes from a higher power, elected official and it’s called the governor… They stirred the pot. “




In The Immortal Words Of MLK




    Dr King would be so proud as the enthralled crowd proceeded to take Mr Head’s demands to heart , took to the streets and proceeded to burn their friend’s and neighbor’s businesses to the ground …


    Click on the map below to use the interactive feature that lists the incidents of arson , looting and violence that took place after Mr Head’s shameful performance .



Ferguson Interactive Map To Violence



   But always remember , in this day and age , it is always somebody else’s fault . The parents couldn’t have anything to do with the behavior of their son now could they , and how ignorant must one be to take out your frustrations and anger on your innocent , perhaps even sympathetic neighbors , by destroying their livelihoods ?








Ferguson Woman Slams Protesters: They’ve Ruined The Community, It Will Now Be A ‘Ghost Town’








” Following the announcement that Officer Darren Wilson would not be indicted by a Missouri grand jury, riots broke out in the city of Ferguson, MO.

  Sara Sidner of CNN interviewed one local resident, who expressed her concern for Ferguson’s future.

“ I mean, this is crazy,” the resident said.  “I mean, the business didn’t do anything. If they were going to do something, get the right people, if they have to do it.

  When asked what she thought would happen to her community, the resident was pessimistic.

“ They’re not going to rebuild,” the resident said. “It’s going to be like a ghost town pretty soon.” “


Thanks to Washington Free Beacon










Arrests Made When Pumpkin Festival Turns To Mayhem





” Disturbances lasted until early Sunday near Keene State College after an annual pumpkin festival erupted into mayhem and led to arrests, injuries and police in riot gear using tear gas. 

  Keene State student Ellery Murray told The Boston Globe that she was at a party Saturday that had drawn a large crowd when people started throwing things. She said police responded in riot gear and used tear gas to break up the crowd.

” People were just throwing everything they could find — rocks, skateboards, buckets, pumpkins,” she said. “People just got too drunk.”

  The parties around the school were part of the annual Keene Pumpkin Festival, where the community tries to set a world record of the largest number of carved and lighted jack-o-lanterns in one place.”


Read more











50 Crimean Separatists Take Over Parliament Building




Published on Feb 27, 2014

” Crimean authorities tell CNN that some 50 gunmen have seized parliament. CNN’s Phil Black has more.

  Ukraine crisis escalates after Tatar leader says Crimea’s parliament building has been occupied by gunmen.

  A local leader of the Tatar community in Ukraine’s Crimea region said Thursday armed men had seized two government buildings in the regional capital, Simferopol. Refat Chubarov wrote on his.”









Venezuelans Are Battling The Nicolas Maduro Regime 





   The above video reveals the lawlessness of the police as they shoot at photographers and can be seen vandalizing parked cars for no reason whatsoever . Below we present a collection of videos showing what has been happening in Venezuela over the few weeks .




Caracas Chaos Video: Gunfire, Clashes As 3 Dead In Violent Venezuela Protests





Published on Feb 13, 2014

” Video courtesy: Telesur
At least three people have died in violent protests in the Venezuelan capital, officials have confirmed. President Nicolas Maduro has condemned the unrest as an attempt at a coup d’état orchestrated by extremist members of the political opposition. READ MORE: http://on.rt.com/5pf7e6




Venezuela Protests Reach Boiling Point





Published on Feb 19, 2014

” Venezuelans demonstrated outside a Caracas court a day after a top opposition leader, accused of inciting violence in anti-government protests, turned himself in to authorities. Gwen Ifill reports on the factors leading up to recent deadly uprising and Venezuela’s order to U.S. diplomats to leave the country.”




Beauty Queen Genesis Carmona Killed In Venezuela Riot





Published on Feb 20, 2014

” Violent riots in Venezuela have claimed the life of 22-year-old beauty queen Genesis Carmona, who died from a gunshot wound to the head on Tuesday.

  The student activist was carried away from the scene by motorcycle and she succumbed to her injuries later in a hospital.

  Carmona had been protesting in the city of Valencia, about 60 miles south of the capital city of Caracas.

  The student at the Universidad Tecnologica del Centro de Valencia was crowned Miss Turismo last year. She was just a semester away from graduating.

  Her death is the fifth since anti-government demonstrations erupted in Venezuela three weeks ago.

  Protesters are calling for an end to the socialist regime headed by current president Nicolas Maduro.

  The riot in Valencia was part of a rally in support of imprisoned opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez, a Harvard-educated economist, who handed himself into authorities on Tuesday.

  Carmona is the second beauty queen to die in Venezuela this year. Last month, former 2004 Miss Venezuela Monica Spear was killed with her husband during a highway robbery.”



Here is a report on Ms Carmona’s murder in english .



Beauty Queen Genesis Carmona Killed In Venezuela Riot






   Read this report about a “game changing moment” in the events unfolding in Maduro’s Venezuela . Here’s an excerpt …


” Throughout last night, panicked people told their stories of state-sponsore paramilitaries on motorcycles roaming middle class neighborhoods, shooting at people and  storming into apartment buildings, shooting at anyone who seemed like he might be protesting. People continue to be arrested merely for protesting, and a long established local Human Rights NGO makes an urgent plea for an investigation into widespread reports of torture of detainees.

  There are now dozens of serious human right abuses: National Guardsmen shooting tear gas canisters directly into residential buildings. We have videos of soldiers shooting civilians on the street. And that’s just what came out in real time, over Twitter and YouTube, before any real investigation is carried out. Online media is next, a city of 645,000 inhabitants has been taken off the internet amid mounting repression, and this blog itself has been the object of a Facebook “block” campaign.

What we saw were not “street clashes”, what we saw is a state-hatched offensive to suppress and terrorize its opponents.”


Read it all at the Caracas Chronicles



    The Blaze has published a post about the more or less complete lack of attention the Venezuelan protests have received from the mainstream media that is well worth your time and will help the reader catch up with these fast moving events ...


Here is a sample …


” But even with all of these terrifying details, it appears that the media just aren’t very interested. Toro even pointed to six specific examples of the media’s seeming disinterest in the matter:


6. The New York Times

The Times’ “World” section has “nothing.”


5. The Guardian

The Guardian’s world homepage “has some limp why-are-you-protesting? piece that made some sense before last night’s tropical pogrom, but none after it. So… basically nothing.”


4. The BBC

The BBC led its major stories today with news of the arrest of the Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez, “as though [the violence] last night had been just business as usual.”


3. CNN

CNN is “chasing the thing that was the story in the old Venezuela,” Toro said, referring to Lopez’s arrest earlier this week. CNN has barely any news of the state’s violent suppression of protesters.


2. Al Jazeera English

“Al Jazeera English never got the memo,” he wrote, pointing to the network’s homepage, which is currently dominated by Ukraine stories.


1. Fox News

“Even places that love to hate the Venezuelan government are asleep at the wheel,” Toro noted, citing Fox News’ homepage.”



 Statism is a fatal disease , whether Ukrainian , Venezuelan or American .








The United States And Europe Dawdle While Ukraine Goes Up In Flames







” Deadly violence claimed at least 18 lives in Kiev on Tuesday as riot police moved on activists’ encampments in the center of the city after protesters stormed the Ukrainian parliament. Inside the building, fights broke out as pro-government deputies blocked the opposition’s effort to submit a draft resolution to reinstate the 2004 constitution that would limit President Yanukovich’s power.

  As protests against Ukraine’s pro-Russian president enter their fourth month, it is clear that the battle cannot be resolved by compromise. Both sides are employing scorched earth polices from which there will emerge one winner and one loser. The United States and Europe have so far abdicated the opportunity to provide real assistance to the opposition. Putin, on the other hand, will leave no stone unturned to insure that his allies emerge victorious.  In such confrontations, the street fighter wins and the gentlemen lose.

  Yanukovich and his allies are playing for time, stretching out negotiations, pleading illness, and hoping for the steam to run out of the protests. The protesters are characterized as Nazis, skin heads, and criminals in the pay of hostile European powers and the United States. The United States and Europe are to blame for their blatant intervention in Ukraine’s internal affairs. Yanukovich trump card is his confidence that Putin will do all that is necessary to break the backs of the protesters and keep Ukraine in his proposed Eurasian Community. It was Putin’s pledge of $15 billion and cheap energy that broke the momentum of the protests in December. With the Sochi Olympics out of the way, Putin is again free to deploy his bag of dirty tricks.

  The protesters understand that they cannot lose the momentum by ramping down the protests. They understand that Yanukovich’s promises of shared government and amnesty are sham plays for time.  He has no intention of going anywhere, and he will not give up control of the police, military, tax authorities, and the prosecutor’s office. Any compromise which leaves these “power ministries” in his hands will allow him to exact heavy revenge once things settle down.”



Joe Biden was heard to say :


Readout of Vice President Biden’s Call with Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych

” Vice President Biden called Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych today to express grave concern regarding the crisis on the streets of Kyiv. He called on President Yanukovych to pull back government forces and to exercise maximum restraint. The Vice President made clear that the United States condemns violence by any side, but that the government bears special responsibility to de-escalate the situation. The Vice President further underscored the urgency of immediate dialogue with opposition leaders to address protesters’ legitimate grievances and to put forward serious proposals for political reform. The United States is committed to supporting efforts to promote a peaceful resolution to the crisis that reflects the will and aspirations of the Ukrainian people.”




And while the wizened seers dither … Kiev burns …




Ukraine: Fireworks And Paving Stones Rain On Berkut Forces



Published on Feb 18, 2014

” Security forces charged over barricades set up by protesters during fresh clashes outside October Palace in Kiev on Tuesday, that have so far left five people dead.

  Protesters burned tyres and threw molotov cocktails and rocks at security forces, who retaliated with tear gas and rubber bullets.

  The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) and the Ukrainian Ministry of Interior has set a deadline of 18:00 (16:000 GMT) for protesters to end the fresh wave of riots.”





Ukraine: Barricades Ablaze On Maidan



Published on Feb 18, 2014

” Thousands continue to occupy Kiev’s Independence Square as state security forces move in to disperse the crowds. Water cannons and APCs have been deployed by police to clear the square.

  There are reportedly around 20,000 people gathered on Independence Square, many of them gathered behind barricades.

  At least 18 people are reported to have been killed as a result of Tuesday’s violence, including 11 protesters and 7 police officers. Hundreds more have been injured in the clashes.”





Ukraine: Dozens Injured As Fresh Riots Erupt In Kiev



Published on Feb 18, 2014

” At least five protesters have died and dozens have been injured as fresh clashes between rioters and police erupt in central Kiev on Tuesday.

  Protesters burnt tyres and threw molotov cocktails whilst police retaliated with tear gas and rubber bullets in an attempt to disperse the crowds. At least 37 police officers have also been injured in the protests.

  Earlier in the day the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) and the Ukrainian Ministry of Interior released a statement setting 18:00(16:00 GMT) as a deadline which protesters must meet to end the fresh wave of unrest in Kiev.

  A statement issued by the SBU urges the protesters to return to the negotiation table and threatens the opposition with the use of force, in accordance with the Ukrainian law, if they do not comply.”



     The lack of American leadership on the world stage continues to make itself felt where-ever the desire for freedom dares show it’s head .



” A  Europe that encompasses Ukraine will put an end to Putin’s expansionary vision of restoring the former Soviet empire. It will diminish his  ability to be a trouble maker around the globe. Putin punches above his weight because of the weakness of the West, not because of his strength.  He understands that the ones who enter a street fight with brass knuckles will win against gentlemen who insist on fighting fair.

  Having Ukraine firmly in the Western camp is worth tens or hundreds of billion dollars over the long haul, and we cannot put together a measly $15 billion spread among ourselves to give the protesters some real ammunition? Why refuse to enter into a bidding war for a valuable outcome when the other side is not constrained by such gentlemen’s diplomacy?”



Read the rest at Forbes















DHS Battens Down the Hatches: “This Could Be All Hell Breaks Loose Day”





” A few weeks ago we saw what happens when the Electronic Benefit Transfer system is threatened in any way. When access to food stamps went offline for just a few hours, the masses began to panic in what were essentially isolated hot spots where law & order totally broke down.

According to the USDA, the average monthly food benefit for an American family is about $272. Come November 1st, that will be reduced by $36 – or about 13%.

Most people aren’t even paying attention, but one organization certainly is, because they know exactly what can happen when you start taking food out of peoples’ mouths.


The Department of Homeland Security is spending $80 million on a wrath of armed guards to protect the IRS and other government buildings in New York, not from terrorist threats mind you, but from American citizens because on November 1st the food stamp program is set to start decreasing the amount that is allocated to food stamp recipients… and they’re worried that violence will ensue. “








Will Los Angeles’s Welfare Community Riot If There Are Further EBT Outages?



Welfare Riots?



Many people think it’s no coincidence that a “glitch” with the computers managing “Electronic Benefit Transfer” cards (i.e., “EBT cards” or “Food Stamps”) occurred during the shutdown. They believe, instead, that the Obama administration was reminding the one-sixth of Americans that is dependent on government handouts for food that they better cast their votes for the political party that believes you should give a man fish forever, rather than teaching him out to fish and giving him the opportunity to do so. (That would be the Democrat party, of course.)


We here are not prone to believe in co-incidences .  While we are not so sure of the writer’s theory that the EBT glitches are a reminder to the people to support those who butter their bread we actually have to wonder if the purpose could be even more nefarious than that . 

   Could the alleged “glitches” have been a test on the part of the Obama government to see what kind of civil unrest they could generate with an innocent computer error ? Could they have been a trial run for generating an upcoming “crisis” that would “require” the State to step in and institute draconian laws in the interest of “protecting” the people ? If so it would be very much in keeping with the tenets of Brother Saul and his Alinskyites .


Power once gained is seldom relinquished







Reports: KCAL 9 reporters injured at Trayvon Martin riot in Crenshaw; Oakland media attacked again

” Jason Powell @jason_d_powell

Way to support the Martin family #LAPD requests emergency ambulance for KCAL9 News van that was violently attacked by rioters. #Whyriot?
1:57 AM – 16 Jul 2013

Prepare For The Worst



” As the verdict in the Zimmerman trial draws near, I urge those of you living in major cities to be ready for possible riots.  If you live in or around Orlando you need to be especially concerned and making preparations.  As we’ve seen before, when verdicts are handed down there are people who will quickly turn to riots and violent protests if they disagree with the decision of the court.  Orlando police are ramping up in anticipation of the verdict being reached sometime in the next few days.  They’ve issued two statements that in essence say “It’s alright to be vocal, but we don’t want you to be violent”.

There’s good reason for citizens in metropolitan areas, especially in or around Orlando Florida, to be concerned with the verdict being reached.”







Egypt Protesters Storm Muslim Brotherhood Headquarters





” Anti-government protesters in Egypt have stormed the national headquarters of President Mohammed Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood in the capital, Cairo.

People ransacked the building in the Moqattam area and set parts on fire.

Officials say eight people have been killed in clashes outside since Sunday, while eight others have died elsewhere.

Meanwhile, four ministers are reported to have resigned, a day after millions took to the streets across the country to demand the president leave power.

The al-Watan website said the ministers of tourism, environment, communication and legal affairs had acted “in solidarity with the people’s demand to overthrow the regime”. 

The crowds seen in Cairo’s Tahrir Square on Sunday were the biggest since the 2011 revolution that toppled Hosni Mubarak.

Protests and sporadic outbreaks of violence were reported nationwide.

The health ministry said at least 16 people had been killed and 781 injured since Sunday.

Three people died in the central province of Assiut, and another four in Alexandria, Fayoum, Beni Suef and Kafr al-Sheikh. Another protester suffocated to death at a protest outside the Ittihadiya presidential palace in Cairo.

Eight people were killed in clashes around the Muslim Brotherhood’s headquarters in Moqattam, the ministry added.”







36 Killed After Knife Gang Attacks China Police Station




” Knife-wielding assailants killed nine policemen and 17 civilians in a bloody attack that only ended after 10 attackers were shot dead in western China early Wednesday.

At least three people were also injured during the early morning assault on the Lukqun Township in Xinjiang province, Chinese state media agency Xinhua reported.

If confirmed, it would be one of the bloodiest incidents in Xinjiang since nearly 200 people were killed in the regional capital, Urumqi, in 2009.

The region, which borders Afghanistan and Pakistan, has been the scene of numerous violent incidents in recent years amid tensions between the large population of Muslim Uighurs and the ruling Han ethnic group.”







Stockholm Police Ticket White Victims As Muslim Immigrants Burn The City Down




” The Stockholm police say it is to dangerous to fight the rioting Muslim immigrants. However, they are issuing revenue generating parking tickets to victims of destroyed automobiles.

Over 150 cars have been completely destroyed. By night the authorities cower in fear, by day they come out to ticket the victims.

From FriaTider.se…

But while the Stockholm riots keep spreading and intensifying, Swedish police have adopted a tactic of non-interference. ”Our ambition is really to do as little as possible,” Stockholm Chief of Police Mats Löfving explained to the Swedish newspaper Expressen on Tuesday.”












” Ah, yes, the gap between rich and poor, that old canard is being dusted off and trotted out to avoid the M issue.”Often young people with immigrant backgrounds – who are poorly educated, cannot find work and feel pushed to the edge of society.” There are thousands of non-Muslim immigrants and working class poor who are not burning down the country screaming allahu akbar even though many of them live in the exact same neighborhoods and have the same levels of income.

In a country with a reputation for openness, tolerance and a model welfare state, the rioting has exposed a fault-line between a well-off majority and a minority – often young people with immigrant backgrounds – who are poorly educated, cannot find work and feel pushed to the edge of society.

But in Orebro, a town in central Sweden, some 25 masked youths set fire to three cars, a school and tried to torch a police station, police said. An old empty building was set alight in the town of Sodertalje, less than an hour’s drive from the capital.”









Woolwich: Riot Police Contain EDL Supporters





” English Defence League supporters have thrown missiles at police in Woolwich after a machete attack that left one man dead.

A group of between 75 and 100 men gathered at The Queen’s Arms pub on Burrage Grove, where they sang nationalistic songs.

Sky News correspondent Alistair Bunkall, who is at the scene, said: “As soon as the EDL got into the town centre … it became not only a lot harder for the police to try and contain anything, but also the aggression (increased) quite considerably.”











Hillary Clinton’s Dodgy Benghazi Testimony Was Full Of Untruths




” Wednesday, in her testimony before both the Senate and, later, the House, Clinton brilliantly fudged, dodged and filibustered. Of course, she’s a pro. Clinton was slow-walking depositions, lawyering up and shifting blame when many of her questioners were still civilians down on the farm.”


The money quote : 


“With all due respect, the fact is we had four dead Americans. Was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk one night who decided to kill some Americans? What difference at this point does it make?”



But ultimately just one more lie among many …



” But just to be clear, Clinton lied and is still lying. When asked about the claim that the attack was sparked by a protest over a video, she responded, “I did not say … that it was about the video for Libya.”

That’s simply untrue. When she stood by the caskets of the four Americans killed in Libya, she directly blamed an “awful Internet video that we had nothing to do with.” Afterward, she reportedly told the father of Tyrone Woods, the former Navy SEAL who was killed in the attack, “We will make sure the person who made that film is arrested and prosecuted.” Why tell the man that if the video had nothing to do with it?”

What Happens If Obama Loses?


” The Politico takes an interesting look at what kind of blamestorming will occur if Obama loses on Tuesday

   A defeat for Barack Obama on
Tuesday would be no ordinary loss
for Democrats.

   It would be a traumatic experience: the death of the dream of liberal realignment embodied in Obama’s insurgent 2008 campaign. And it would be all the more distressing to Democrats because so many of them fervently believe they will win tomorrow. “

Subject: 10 urgent preparations for possible riots after the Presidential election


(NaturalNews) by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger- You’ve probably seen the news all over the ‘net: If Romney wins the election on November 6, many Obama supporters plan to riot in the streets. A surprising number have announced their plans to “kill Romney” Simultaneously, FEMA has announced it is preparing for an event involving “mass casualties.”  Regardless of who you support in the coming election, the possibility of post-election riots is a reality. Here are 12 things you need to realize right now if you hope to stay safe should such an outcome unfold.

#1) The riots will likely occur in the inner cities. If at all possible, get out of the inner cities. In fact, you might want to think about moving out of the city altogether. Middle-class and upper-class suburbs will be safe, by the way. It’s mostly the inner cities that are likely to riot.

#2) The police will be almost instantly overwhelmed. Local peace officers are ridiculously short-staffed in cities all across the country, largely due to budget cuts. They have very little capacity to deal with any real outbreak of riots, so don’t expect calling 911 to have any impact at all.

#3) One of the greatest risks from riots is FIRES. Rioters love to set things on fire, as if burning down your own neighborhood is somehow an act of defiance against “The Man.” Even worse, rioters tend to shoot firearms at firemen who are trying to put out the fires. This causes firemen to evacuate the scene, after which fires burn out of control and do a lot more damage than they would have otherwise caused. The risk of fires spreading out of control in the inner city is surprisingly high.

#4) Innocent bystanders may be targeted with violence. Don’t be a “bystander” and you won’t be targeted (because you’re not around). The primary strategy is to simply not be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Posted by John Galt

Believe it Or Not …

This lame attempt at satire is what passes for a reason to riot and kill in the Islamic world . But , you know , now that we think of it , the level of intolerance currently on display in Egypt and Libya is only marginally worse than the ” tolerance” exhibited here at home by our unhinged leftist countrymen .

  I’m a little late to this party , thanks to Bob Owens for pointing me to this Examiner article about the wondrous state of racial affairs , courtesy of the great racial “healer”.

” Al Sharpton recently said that Republicans were waging a war on Black people, (and) time to fire
back. I missed the memo; I didn’t realize Republicans had done that, and I’m not sure under whose orders.”

Fan the flames Rev ,

” Sharpton concluded that
Republicans are trying to take back the achievements of Blacks over the last half century because they don’t like the idea of a Black president. He’s simply fueling the flames of violence, hoping Black Americans will fight. “

Take this for whatever it’s worth , I haven’t decided on it’s verasity and never in the past would I have  thought a President of the US  could be a party to such machinations . Call me naive .
  Times are different now and having witnessed the political climate make its final descent into the gutter I find myself no longer able to stir that sort of respect for the political process and it’s denizens .
   There seems , at this moment to be a flood of similar reports about Army Field manuals , plans for the political “rehabilitation” of Americans , Reeducation camps and the like . I haven’t the time to dig up the links but they are out there , as is the talk . Make of it what you will .

” According to my source, there is talk among the highest levels of the uppermost echelon of the
Department of Homeland Security, which he describes as effectively under the control of Barack Hussein Obama. During this call, he said that the DHS is actively preparing for massive social unrest inside the United States. He then
corrected himself, stating that “a civil war” is the more appropriate term. Certain elements of the
government are not only expecting and preparing for it, they are actually facilitating it,” stated my source. ”

” These are the times that try men’s souls “