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Kerry Welcomes Chinese Investment in America’s Infrastructure




” Secretary of State John Kerry told the press in Beijing that he discussed with Chinese government officials investing in America’s infrastructure. Kerry called the security concerns “very, very few; very, very little.”

“We welcome Chinese investment in the United States. And a very, very small percentage of investment is subject to a process where we have a security evaluation because of the nature of the business or the particular location. But it’s very, very few; very, very little. And obviously, there are sometimes concerns when there’s a state ownership of a particular business because that raises a different set of considerations,” Kerry said, in response to a question about what he said to encourage Chinese investment in America.”






“No President Obama, It Was Private Business That Made Our Roads And Bridges Possible”


  “Without big government, President Obama likes to suggest, we would all be poor, miserable creatures. For starters, he claims that business became possible only because government built roads and bridges.

Actually, Obama has it backwards. Private business came first, then roads and bridges.

They weren’t originally developed by governments. They were developed by merchants who began establishing trade routes thousands of years ago. In the beginning, before the first Department of Public Works, there were innumerable trails.

Developing trails required that somebody travel, and kings generally didn’t travel unless they were conquering new territory. If they left their territory for an extended period, they would probably have returned to find somebody else ruling the territory that used to be theirs. So it was merchants, hoping to make money, who blazed the trails for regional and long distance trade. At their own expense, merchants determined the most worthwhile places to go and the most efficient ways of getting there.

Europe’s first great civilizations arose from private trade. Starting perhaps around 7000 B.C.E., a resourceful maritime people who became known as Minoans established themselves in Crete. They were ancient history to Homer. They brought copper from Cyprus, tin from Asia Minor, elephant Tusks from Syria and diorite from the Nile Valley – and Minoan pottery made its way to Egypt.”

less than 2 percent of all federal spending

That’s some investment Barack .

” which includes not just spending on highways, but subsidies for Amtrak and Obama’s high-speed rail plans as well. ”

   It’s even less significant when you consider that it includes underwriting that perennial money loser Amtrak AND Obama’s pipedream highspeed to nowhere rail plans .

   Yes our Dear Leader has a fine grasp of economics and job creation .

“From space Earth looks completely untouched.

However, it’s deceptive, as a new video shows in mesmerising fashion.

‘Anthropocene demonstrates just how much the planet has been transformed by humans by illuminating every road, shipping route and flight path.

“The three-minute clip is the result of 13 years of devotion by Canadian anthropologist Felix Pharand. Using an ordinary home PC, Pharand input data from agencies such as the Geospatial Intelligence Agency and Atmospheric Administration to create accurate illustrations of how humans have ‘domesticated’ our planet – superimposing the data on images of the earth’s cities lit up at night.”

Illuminating: Anthropocene is a three-minute rollercoaster ride through the latest chapter in the story of how one species has transformed a planet

Video Here .

  This is a very cool video . That someone put thirteen years of effort into creating this three minutes of awe is just as much a tribute to the human spirit as is the transformation of the planet that it depicts . While I recognize the possibility that the intention here was to play into the global warming , Luddite mantra , to me the video displays a monument to human achievement . Likely not the desired effect . When I look at the video I don’t see disaster or climate catastrophe or crimes against Gaia .

  No , I see billions lifted out of poverty . I see medical care where there was only premature death , I see food where there was famine . I see enslaved people finding the means to cast off their bonds . I see mass production . I see innovation . I see leisure . I see freedom and liberty instead of indenture and misery .    

The question is ? When do we start paving Mars ?