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Store Owner Knocks Out Robber With A Baseball Bat!



Published on Jul 10, 2013

” Canadian Gold & Silver 
2 masked man entered our store at around 1:30 June 31, 
weapons used: knife and crowbar
the knocked out robber defecated and urinated (nasty cleanup)
he was bleeding quite a bit out of his head, he reportedly spent a week in the hospital.
Calgary, Alberta (Canada) “



The shop keeper lets the robber have it with the old Louisville Slugger .








Intruder shot at Athens business after pulling gun on owner

“A 55-year-old Athens man was in critical condition Sunday after he was shot by the owner of a Westside check-cashing business who fired in self-defense when the man pulled a gun, Athens-Clarke police said.”

What’s to say other than ” Good for him , Good for US ” . Every single instance of self-defense tht is successfully carried out serves as a benefit to us all . 

First it was in the Pacifistic Northwest and now in Chicago (no guns for you) Illinois . The demand for liberty grows by the day . People are taking their fates into their own hands and ceasing to rely on the “Authorities ”  to save them . Bring it on .


 “Before leaving, the robber turned his back and tried to get surveillance video from a computer. The 66-year-old Layous, paralyzed on his right side from a stroke years ago, said he saw his chance.

He told his wife in Arabic, “Give me the gun.” As his grandchildren cried on a couch behind him, Layous said, he took the .380-caliber pistol in his left hand and shot the robber in the leg.”