Victim Of Dog-Authorized Anal Assault Receives $1.6 Million Settlement




” The Associated Press reports that the city of Deming, New Mexico, where David Eckert was pulled over for a rolling stop last January, and nearby Hidalgo County have agreed to settle a civil rights lawsuit he filed after cops from those two jurisdictions forced him to undergo a humiliating exploration of his digestive tract. The city and county will pay Eckert $1.6 million, which amounts to $200,000 for each of the increasingly intrusive searches performed on Eckert at Gila Regional Medical Center in Silver City: two X-rays, two digital probes of his anus, three enemas, and a colonoscopy, none of which discovered the slightest trace of the drugs that police claim to have thought he was hiding inside himself. Eckert, whose case was first noted here by Brian Doherty, also sued various Deming and Hidalgo County police officers; the hospital, which billed him more than $6,000 for these indignities; and two physicians, Robert Wilcox and Okay Odocha, who executed the elaborate assault under the cover of medicine.”


  You can read more on this heinous story here and for our posting on the original story go here . Remember that this was not an isolated incident . There were at least two other State assaults and the story even provoked Mark Steyn to comment .
  The city and police department got off easy if you ask us . $1.6 Million is a pittance for the abuse heaped on this innocent young man at the hands of the State .