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Supreme Court Orders Obama Admin to Respond to Romeike Homeschooler’s Petition





” The U.S. Supreme Court has ordered the Obama administration to respond to a petition by the Home School Legal Defense Association to hear an appeal in the Romeikes deportation case.

 The Obama administration has sought to deport the Romeikes, a German family that fled to the United States to protect their right to homeschool. If they had stayed in Germany, they risked fines or having their children taken from them, as recently happened with another homeschooling family in Germany.

 An appeals court agreed with the administration, which argued that the freedom to determine the education of one’s children is not a fundamental right. The administration also agreed with a German court’s argument that banning homeschooling teaches tolerance of diverse viewsHSLDA petitioned the Supreme Court to review that appeals court decision.”

    If the determination of our children’s education is “not a fundamental right” then nothing is . That line of reasoning leads only to servitude and subjugation and slavery . If we are not free to best decide the future of our children whether it be educational or medical then our children are nothing but future servants of the State .



” The fact that the Supreme Court wants the administration to weigh in on the petition increases the likelihood that it will hear the case, but it is no guarantee.

” We are pleased by the Court’s interest in the issues we have presented in our petition,” HSLDA Chairman Michael Farris wrote in an email to HSLDA supporters. “Romeike v. Holder gives the Court an opportunity to address important religious freedom and human rights issues. We hope that after due consideration of the government’s brief they will agree to hear our case.”



    Here’s to hoping the Supreme court decides to hear this case . We the people need a ruling once and for all regarding the limits to the State’s power to indoctrinate . If our children are not ours , then they are not their own either … that leaves nothing but serfdom with the State as our Lord of the Manor . 



Atty General Holder Argues Parents Have No Right to Educate their Children





” The background for this case is the German war on homeschooling that has led some families to seek political asylum in the United States where homeschooling is still legal for now.

The Romeikes’ case is now before the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, with the US government seeking to revoke their asylum and force them to return to Germany. And the details of Attorney-General Holder’s arguments in the brief for Romeike v. Holder are sinister, to say the least.

According to Holder, parents have no fundamental right to home-educate their children.

“[Holder’s office] argued that there was no violation of anyone’s protected rights in a law that entirely bans homeschooling. There would only be a problem if Germany banned homeschooling for some but permitted it for others.”