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Here is a preliminary list of winners and losers from the election:


” Some winners Barack Obama. Congratulations to him and his team for another brilliant campaign. Nate Silver. I often come away from his columns thinking I’ve learned something. Apparently, there is more for me to learn. The MSM. To advance its pro-Obama agenda, the media kept the lid on Benghazigate when it counted. And one of its stalwarts, Candy Crowley, actively and deceitfully intervened on Obama’s behalf during his debate with Romney on the subject.” Illustration by Eric Allies

  “REAL Unemployment is 15 percent. FIRE OBAMA.”


   So says a giant billboard along the Pennsylvania Turnpike heading north from Breezewood through Somerset.


   As I drive a few miles more, there’s another billboard, this one with a guy with a gasoline nozzle in his ear. It declares, “Vote Change, Vote No-Obama.”

As I continue upward through this natural gas and coal country, I see more and more signs, erected in farmer’s fields, taped to cars. I pass a minivan with writing on the back windshield: “$4.00 per gallon gasoline? Are you kidding me?!”

As I go further through Western Pennsylvania, into the small towns north of Pittsburgh, I see Romney/Ryan signs absolutely everywhere, dwarfing the number of Obama/Biden signs — and far exceeding the depressing ratio of McCain vs. Obama signs four years ago. I even see Romney/Ryan signs placed next to empty chairs, evoking the Clint Eastwood image of our president. And where I don’t see a Romney/Ryan sign, I observe a “Preserve Freedom: Fire Obama” placard, or another that says “Are You Better Off Now Than Four Years Ago?” “

  Mind you , that’s a poll with +11 weighting for the Dems . Anyone believe Dem turnout will overwhelm Repubs by that kind of number ? Keep in mind the enthusiasm factor



… With Some VERY Interesting Statistics


” CNN has released a poll showing that Obama and Romney are all tied up, with both receiving 49 percent of the vote among likely voters. This is good news showing that Romney has a very legitimate chance of winning this election, right? Well, consider some of the stats of the poll…

Among those likely voters, 41% described themselves as Democrats, 29% described themselves as Independents, and 30% described themselves as Republicans.


Democrats are given a +11 margin in the poll, 41 – 30? You must be kidding me.

Furthermore, as Twitchy points out:

There’s more. The poll shows Mitt Romney beating President Obama among Independents 59-37, an incredible 22-point lead.

Does anyone seriously believe Romney can win Indies by more than 20 points and still come out tied in the popular vote? ” 

Obama Is No Friend Of Israel 



” There are many domestic reasons to vote for Mitt Romney on election day, most of which have been covered on these pages over since he became the apparent GOP nominee in the spring. 
There are also foreign policy issues; perhaps the one most relevant to the Jewish community is the future of Israel. This particular column focuses on the issue of Israel.
This may seem a bit crass but there is no other way to put it.  Any Jew who believes in the State of Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish State but votes for Barack Obama on November 6th, is committing Jew-i-cide because his election will lead to many unnecessary deaths in Israel, they way his actions Libya has lead to four unnecessary deaths in Benghazi.
Obama’s bad positions on Israel and terrorism during his first term will only worsen in a second when he would no longer need financial support from major Jewish donors and electoral support from Jewish voters. Just like he told Russian President Mevedev Obama will have more flexibility in a second term.”

It Comes Down To The Independents

As pointed out by Joel Pollak at Big Government, the latest CNN national poll of likely voters has some very good news for those of you following poll fundamentals, as opposed to topline percentages. Mitt Romney is has a commanding 22% lead among Independents. This is a post-Hurricane Sandy poll, so any talk of a big Obama bounce among Independents appears to be wishful thinking on the part of the Obama camp.

The following shows the voting choice for the various party affiliations:


Total 49%
Democrat 93%
Independent 37%
Republican 1%


Total 49%
Democrat 5%
Independent 59%
Republican 99%

Both Romney and Obama have locked up their core (though Romney has a slight advantage in party defection), but the difference in Independents is striking.

100 Percent FED Up

An enormous rally for Mitt Romney in Bucks County, PA had people incredulous and tweeting like fury:


@robertcostaNRO my mother is at the Bucks County Romney rally. Says she has never seen a crowd like this. Dwarfs the Bush ’04 rally crowd at the same farm.
@itabramg Traffic backup at Edgewood Shopping Cntr, 1.5 miles to Romney’s rally at Shady Brook Farm, Yardley, PA#election2012@dgjackson WOW! One of the biggest crowds I have ever seen. This is quite the welcome in Pennsylvania. pic.twitter.com/g452PGXz

While in another swing state …Virginia … we have …


But that’s what happened yesterday to Barack Obama in Virginia. Famous liar, womanizer, and accused rapist Bill Clinton kept the audience in their seats, but as Obama was speaking, many people had had enough; they got up and left so they could beat the parking lot traffic.

As Charlie Spiering of the Washington Examiner tweeted:

Wow. Steady stream of cold people trotting towards the exit in the middle of Obama’s speech.

New York Post Endorses Romney

For America’s future, The Post endorses Mitt Romney for president



” Four frustratingly long years ago, a war-weary and economically battered America took a flier on a savior.

It didn’t work out.

Now, in 12 days, the nation will return to the polls — to reject, or to ratify, the results of the great Barack Obama experiment.

That is, to reject or to ratify the notion that hoping for change is a sound footing for productive national policy.

But, by the evidence, it is not.

It cannot create jobs.

It cannot reduce deficits.

It cannot restore foreign confidence in America — or Americans’ confidence in their own great nation.”

Dueling Dirt

Bombshell Wednesday

  ” Well that’s what we’ve been promised. Not from the Obama campaign or the Romney campaign, but from Gloria Allred and Donald Trump.

TMZ is reporting that the Boston Globe is going to court to get divorce records unsealed in a case that Mitt Romney was involved in.”


  ” Not to be outdone, The Daily Mail is reporting that Trump’s bombshell may be divorce papers (presumably never filed) for Barack and Michelle Obama.”


Happy Are You David ?

Axelrod : ” We’re Winning “



  ” Senior Obama campaign strategist David Axelrod said Monday night that the presidential race is where the campaign expected it to be two weeks before Election Day ,  and that he believes the President Obama is winning. “

Update: Insta-polls coming in

” Doesn’t matter who won the battle, says Ron Fournier. What matters is who won the war:

Mitt Romney wins. That’s not to say he won Monday night’s debate or the presidential campaign, but it’s safe to say he won an important chapter: The debate season…

There are ample reasons for both Obama and Romney to feel optimistic about their chances Nov. 6. But through his own steady performances and a spectacular first-debate failure by the incumbent, Romney has cleared an important hurdle: A near-decisive number of Americans believe that he is a viable alternative to Obama, an incumbent saddled with a weak economy and a pessimistic national mood.

Another point made more than once in the national tweet scrum tonight was that it sometimes felt like Romney was the incumbent and Obama the angry, occasionally snide challenger. ”



In the past several weeks, Mitt Romney has gained ground in polls both nationally and in key swing states on the back of his first debate performance. Romney’s surge has been based around his strength on economic issues, which are going to be key to determining the outcome of the election. From the early going of tonight’s foreign policy debate, it was clear that Romney was aiming to run out the clock. He wanted to demonstrate a basic fluency on foreign policy so he could pass the commander in chief test, without looking like somebody who was itching to start more wars.”




Best Romney Quotes …

… From the Foreign Policy Debate


“Unfortunately, in nowhere in the world is America’s influence greater today than it was four years ago.”


“When the president of Iran, Ahmadinejad, says that our debt makes us not a great country, that’s a frightening thing.”


“Well, first of all, it’s not government that makes business successful. It’s not government investments that makes businesses grow and hire people.”

Video Caption

Video Caption

Ad watch: Obama camp says Romney ‘not one of us’




What it says: “Mitt Romney would have just let us go under- just let them go… bankrupt.” Over a map of Ohio, the text at the end reads, “Mitt Romney. Not One of us.

Romney and Ryan promise 10,000 supporters in Daytona Beach rally: ‘We’ll be strong again’


Introducing Ms Jane Edmonds

Video Caption

“Zingers fly at Alfred Smith Dinner; Obama supporters not amused by Romney’s humor”

Quote of the day over at Twitchy 
 ” It should be noted that Romney wasnt the only one tearing it up tonight:
Al Smith: “We are excited that you are here Mr. President, not as excited as we were in 2008…”
Al Smith to Obama: “We recognize that you have some challenges this year. It’s never good when your opponent has produced more sons than you have jobs.”

Michael Barone


  ” I compared the first presidential debate to
the Battle of Little Big Horn. This second
presidential debate seemed to me like one
of those Civil War battles—I’m not enough
of a Civil War buff to say which one—in
which both armies battered each other but
neither came out a clear victor and the war
went on. This strikes me as one of those
presidential debates, like most presidential
debates, in which most Democratic voters
believe the Democratic candidate won and
most Republican voters believe the
Republican candidate won. “




  ” Then there were two moments that (inadvertently) told us a lot Obama’s economic vision.

The first occurred when a college student named Jeremy asked for reassurances about his job prospects after graduating. Obama answered: “Number one, I want to build manufacturing jobs in this country again.” Jeremy was probably somewhat stunned to find out that his $100,000 in student loans could only land him a job working the line at a factory making government subsidized electric cars. Hey, in these unselfish, planned economies, Jeremy, you take what you’re given.

And when the candidates were asked by one of those committed undecideds to dispel any myths about themselves, Obama used it to lay out one of the least convincing arguments of the night. “I believe,” he explained, “that the free enterprise system is the greatest engine of prosperity the world’s ever known.

Yet, if a person had listened to the preceding hour (the preceding four years, actually), they would have learned that the free enterprise system wasn’t “great” enough for the health care insurance industry, retirement funds, auto and banking industries, housing markets, education, green energy, or basically any other area that his administration’s policies have touched on in four years. It would be interesting if someone – perhaps at the next Townhall debate –would ask Obama to define what the free enterprise means to him. ” 

The Tea Party


  ” Although those asked in this CNN poll said Obama “won the debate” 46-39, look at the responses on who voters find would be better to handle the economy, healthcare, tax policy, and the deficit. 

Obama may have “scored style points”, but clearly Romney showed a vision and poked holes in Obama’s record. What do you think of these numbers? “





I decided to live-tweet this one; you can find my tweets here. The president certainly did better in this debate than he did in the first disastrous one, but Romney pretty much held his own, and likely continues to be seen as an acceptable alternative to Barack Obama. I thought that the debate was a functional draw, since the president didn’t make Romney look unacceptable as a potential replacement, and since Romney held his own and kept it close–certainly closer than Barack Obama managed to keep it in the first debate. Ron Fournier agreesCNN has the president as having won the debate, but the margin of victory is within the margin of error, which is certainly worth noting.

Romney’s strongest points came when he recounted the failed policies and broken promises of the Obama administration, and their consequences. His weakest points came when he complained about the rules and the process of the debate. The president was determined to have more energy and to call Romney a liar at every opportunity, but failed to present any kind of vision whatsoever for how a second Obama term might be better than the first one. ”