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Homeland Security Official Arrested In Sting Involving Sordid Sacramento Craigslist Ad



Homeland Security officer George Hristovski, 54, of Elverta in northern California, has been booked on federal child pornography charges 




” A Homeland Security employee has been arrested in connection with a sting that alleges he used a Craigslist ad in an effort to get a mother and an underage daughter to have sex with him.

  George Hristovski, 54, of Elverta, was booked into Sacramento County Jail on Monday after his arrest by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. His LinkedIn posting identifies him as an inspector for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

  A federal court filing requesting an arrest warrant for Hristovski said that Placer County Sheriff’s Department detectives noticed an ad on Craigslist on July 14 in the “Casual Encounters” section of the Sacramento area part of the website.

  The person who placed the ad sought a mother who wanted a man to teach a daughter about sex. Detectives, posing as a mother and a 13-year-old daughter, corresponded via e-mails with the person who took out the ad.”

Second Grader Roamed Streets For Hours After Teacher Locked Her Out Of Class For Spilled Water


Journey: Samaya's parents say she walked off the Jefferson Elementary School Campus on  Pebblewood Dr, Sacramento before wandering down Truxel Road and over the Interstate 5 entrance and exit ramps to Walmart and an On The Border restaurant



” An angry mother and father in a suburb of Sacramento are suing the Natomas Unified School District after their emotionally distraught seven-year-old daughter was left completely unattended and went wandering around town all by herself in the middle of a Wednesday school day.

  The incident began to unfold around 9 a.m. on Dec. 18 at Jefferson Elementary School in Natomas, Calif,reports KTXL

  Jason Dillard said that his second-grade daughter, Samaya, had spilled some water in class. The teacher, Lupe Rodriguez, was frustrated about it. In response, Dillard said, Rodriguez dragged the seven-year-old girl out of class as she was sitting in her chair.

  Rodriguez allegedly left the girl outside the class for quite awhile until she eventually wandered down the hall, out the door and off school grounds.

  Meanwhile, Samaya had quite an adventure. She moseyed down a busy road. She traipsed over an interstate over pass at one point, crossing freeway entrance and exit ramps. She then kept walking, for about two miles altogether.

  She stopped into a Walmart. She eventually ambled into an On the Border fast-casual restaurant and asked for a cup of water. Employees at On the Border contacted police and asked for an officer to come to the restaurant to make sure the girl was okay. The police refused, apparently believing that a seven-year-old girl walking around with no adult supervision in the middle of a school day is nothing to be alarmed about.

  Video footage from both the Walmart and the On the Border restaurant shows that she was there. “


   As the Daily Mail points out the day was a blustery 46 degrees and the poor girl was dressed in only jeans and a light sweat shirt .



” Feeling abandoned, the little girl wandered off campus, walked down Truxel Road and over the Interstate 5 entrance and exit ramps – all the way to an On The Border restaurant about two miles away where she asked for water.

   The restaurant manager said he called police who didn’t respond to the welfare check, before Samaya walked off. 

It was a chilly 46 degrees and Samaya was only wearing a light sweat shirt and jeans.  

‘ When I got the call from the school it was 11.30 (in the morning).  So, when I get to school and I say when was the last time you saw my child and they say 9.30, I’m thinking, ‘this girl may not ever come back’,’ Jason Dillard said.”



    To top it off ,  the teacher has been a known problem for some time now but  , thanks to the teacher’s union , continues at her job .


” The anxious father pulled his twin daughters out of class, got in his car and drove around the neighborhood searching for his missing daughter. He eventually found her wandering the streets. 

  The Dillards told Fox 40 the school had warned them about Rodriguez early on. 

‘ We’re working on this teacher with the teachers union, but there’s only so much we can do,’ said Damia Dillard, repeating what school administrators allegedly told her.”

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10 Cities Where You’re Most Likely To Achieve The American Dream




” A new study from The Equality of Opportunity Project has mapped the 10 best and the 10 worst cities for economic mobility in the United States. Researchers from Harvard University and the University of California at Berkeley used millions of anonymous earnings records to measure the chance that someone born into the bottom fifth of income earners reaches the top fifth. A full summary of their findings can be viewed here.



Upward Mobility in the 50 Biggest Cities: The Top 10 and Bottom 10 
Rank Odds of Reaching Top Fifth
Starting from Bottom Fifth
Rank Odds of Reaching Top Fifth
Starting from Bottom Fifth
1 Salt Lake City, UT 11.5% divider 41 Milwaukee, WI 5.6%
2 San Jose, CA 11.2% 42 Cincinnati, OH 5.5%
3 San Francisco, CA 11.2% 43 Jacksonville, FL 5.3%
4 Seattle, WA 10.4% 44 Raleigh, NC 5.2%
5 San Diego, CA 10.4% 45 Cleveland, OH 5.2%
6 Pittsburgh, PA 10.3% 46 Columbus, OH 5.1%
7 Sacramento, CA 10.3% 47 Detroit, MI 5.1%
8 Manchester, NH 9.9% 48 Indianapolis, IN 4.8%
9 Boston, MA 9.8% 49 Charlotte, NC 4.3%
10 New York, NY 9.7% 50 Atlanta, GA 4.0%










CA Cell Phone Store Employee Shoots and Kills Armed Robber





” An armed man entered a cell phone store in Sacramento, CA and went straight towards a back office area and approached an employee.

A second employee, who was armed with a gun, came from the office with his weapon and fired one shot at the armed man.

The suspect was shot and died of his injuries.”

California To Go Full Monty On Gun Control


” No comment or analysis necessary. This is a 10-point gun control plan that will be introduced in the California legislature by Democrats:


4. Bans shotgun-rifle combinations. It would ban this class of class of weapon.

5. Universal registration of all guns. The law would create “ownership records consistently across-the-board, ensuring all firearms are recorded” so that the background check system can prevent criminals from getting guns.

6. Background checks on ammunition. This provision requires a “full and complete” background check on ammunition sales, “building on” laws existing in Los Angeles and Sacramento.”



Meet Dr. Phillip Goudeaux


Sacramento Black Panther Turned Preacher To Stump For Romney


  ” A local former Black Panther turned preacher is now being embraced by Mitt Romney supporters.

As the presidential election nears, Dr. Phillip Goudeaux of Calvary Christian Center in Sacramento has been invited to speak at rallies in five of the swing states where it’s still a close race.

But why would this former Black Panther turned preacher support Romney when the Massachusetts governor struggles to resonate with minority voters?

“This is not a Romney thing, a Democrat or Republican, black or white,” he said. “This is about family or traditional values family. It doesn’t matter who the person is, I’m going to support the one who supports my values, which I base upon the Bible.” “

Further Biographical Info Here
“In 1972, Dr. Goudeaux underwent a radical transformation when he accepted the Lord Jesus Christ into his life. Once a militant member of the Black Panther Party, Dr. Goudeaux now devoted his energy and talent to the ministry of reconciliation and focused on bringing people of all ethnicities and cultures together. In 1976, Dr. Goudeaux felt God’s call on his life and accepted his spiritual gift and responsibility to the body of Christ. The discipline, stamina and tenacity he developed as an amateur fighter created character and the emotional fortitude necessary for the awesome call placed on his life. Four years later in 1980, Dr. Goudeaux founded Calvary Christian Center.”