Taking credit for things not done is a standard liberal method , as is shifting blame . When one controls the MSM it is easy to convince the masses , at least the non-inquisitive ones , of any number of fallacies … think election 2008 , and while the evidence of malfeasance and incompetence is now hard to hide there are still huge numbers of voters that “know” nothing other than what the watercarriers in the Democrat/Media complex would have them believe .  

Reason on Barack’s undue credit 

  “Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign was an exercise in wish-fulfillment. The junior senator from Illinois who wowed Democrats at their convention in 2004 did not make a conventional run for the White House. As Virginia Postrel noted in Reason’s November 2008 issue, “Barack Obama has not run as the typical candidate, selling specific policies, a worldview, experience, or executive competence. He has instead sold himself, a glamorous icon onto whom supporters project their hopes and dreams and, in many cases, their own identities.” What many political observers referred to as charisma, Postrel identified as glamour. The last three years have supported her interpretation; a charismatic president can stir people to follow him, a glamorous one faces difficulty every time the spell is broken. Nevertheless, as we approach the 2012 election, some of Barack Obama’s supporters continue to attribute political positions to him that he just doesn’t hold. Here are four.”