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Stranded Minesweeper On Philippine Reef Is Total Loss, Says US Navy




” The US Navy said that a minesweeper that ran aground on a coral reef off the Philippines was a complete loss after announcing plans to dismantle it

US Pacific Fleet spokesman Captain Darryn James said there was a chance the USS Guardian might break up or sink if crews tried to remove it without taking it apart first.

Limiting damage to the coral, which was part of a national marine park, was important to the navy, James said.

“We really do care about being good stewards of the environment,” he said.”


Details on the USS Guardian’s history 



Meet The Versabar 10000 Oil Rig Retriever 



” Some of you might be asking: “Why would anyone come up with something so huge?” Well consider this. It takes a team of divers several months to cut apart a downed oil platform, lift it up to the surface piece-by-piece, and transport to land. VB 10000 can to the same task in just a few hours and for a quarter of the price. ”


What A Monster 




Watch the Versabar Salvage the Unsalvageable


” Salvaging a downed oil platform takes months, as a team of divers cuts apart the rig and a derrick hauls each piece to the surface. The VB10000 can remove an entire rig in a few hours, for a quarter of the price. Last fall, Versabar’s $100-million monster completed its first lift off the coast of Louisiana.

Divers connected hooks to the platform trusses, cut the platform legs away, and four hoists picked the whole thing up. About as wide as a football field and as tall as a 25-story building, the VB10000 is desperately needed—U.S. regulators have identified 1,800 rigs that must be removed within 10 years.

Read more about the Versabar and the company’s founder, Jon Khachaturian, in our profile. “