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The 5 Dumbest Liberal Tweets Of The Week




” Time for the dumbest Tweets of the past week!  This week features an all-female cast.  Not because we at MRCTV are sexist. These particular women simply beat out the dumb Tweets from all the guys this week.  They really broke that glass ceiling.  

  Speaking of glass ceilings, let’s start out with the first female Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

  What the esteemed Minority leader is referring to here is a bill that was passed by a bipartisan vote in the House on Thursday passing a bill that increased the amount of money individuals can give to campaigns.

  The irony here is that Nancy Pelosi is one of the richest members of Congress with a net worth of nearly $30 million.  But, I’m sure Nancy would never DREAM of hijacking democracy!  *Cough…Obamacare..*cough *cough. Hmmm.  better get that cough checked out.  

  What do you mean I lost my insurance plan??!! “


   Can you guess who the other top 4 Tweets of idiocy come from ? Hint: They are the usual suspects . See them revealed here .












Red Eye Guests Discuss “Hosurance” Ad Campaign


    For those of you a little behind the curve , a Colorado (where else ) progressive group placed ads for Obamacare throughout the state using a theme designed to convince the twenty-something crowd to sign up and get free birth control . The ads are tacky to say the least and there is something very unseemly about advocating promiscuity in order to sell a government program . 

   Watch the video and decide for yourself , Greg , Stacey and the rest of the Red Eye cast have fun with ridiculing the ridiculous . Sandra Fluke must be beaming with joy . No word on whether she was the brains behind the ads but they certainly have a Flukish “scent” about them .











Rush Limbaugh: Don’t Blame Me For WABC’s Declining Ad Sales





” Rush Limbaugh insists it’s not his fault that ad revenue has dropped at his flagship WABC radio station — and if his boss keeps saying it is, Rush just may pack up his megadittoes and leave.

In New York, that would very likely take him to WOR, which would create the biggest shakeup in city talk radio since WOR scooped up Bob Grant after WABC fired him in 1995.

Limbaugh’s contract with WABC expires at the end of the year.

Lew Dickey, the CEO of WABC parent company Cumulus, has said Limbaugh’s controversial comments have diminished ad revenue for the past year — and the slump remains a “residual hangover” for the station.”








Image Blitz








” HBO host Bill Maher’s political views– and his crass way of expressing them– are well known to most.  Every once in a while, though, he takes things a step further than normal.

The mega Obama donor claimed back in March, for instance, that he should be held to a different standard after calling Sarah Palin a “cu**” than when Rush Limbaugh called 30-year-old Georgetown student Sandra Fluke a “slut.”  On Sunday, Maher made another noteworthy claim.

Apparently Andy Williams, the iconic singer of some of the most-loved tunes in history, is to be remembered as a “teabag idiot.” “

Dude! Where’s My Liberty






Obama Surrogates Packing Them In

National Dance for Obama GOTV effort draws only 12 dancers in NYC


 ” Today was National Dance for Obama Day, in which flash mobs were organized as part of a get out the vote effort in numerous cities.

The weekend before Election Day, we’re turning up the heat and encouraging people to get out and vote with flash mobs across the country. “



  Obama’s minions continue to give it their all . As that dozen or so dancers hoofed it for ‘ The One ” , America’s favorite Fluke … Sandra that is , was doing what she could to single-handedly save the lady parts of America and the voting parts attached to them . 



   We have to admit that 40 attendees is a four hundred percent increase over Ms Fluke’s appearance last month in Nevada .  



 Then we have the massive ” Million Puppet Muppet March ” which came up somewhat short of their stated goal in their noble effort to save Big Bird from the hatchet .



Even the star-power of Stevie Wonder failed to pack the house for the hapless Barack .


Stevie Wonder.jpg



  And last but certainly not least we have the man himself entertaining a crowd of 2-3000  when 4 Looong years ago he was pontificating on high before throngs that numbered in the 50-80,000  strong range .





Meanwhile …. Down the Road Apiece … Mitt and Ann spoke to a few admirers of their own …







 … Draws Crowd Of 10 People

  ” Sandra Fluke spoke Saturday in front of about 10 people at the Sak ‘N Save in north Reno.  Her speech was part of an attempt by Democrats to get Nevadans to the polls for early voting. “


  “Horror show: Wednesday night at the DNC”

“Wednesday was a wonderful political day for Republicans. Let’s recap. The day started off with the flap over platform language. That in
turn led to the spectacle of Democratic delegates booing the vote to put back Jerusalem and God back into the platform. It was even in the eyes of the most Obama-
sympathetic media a horrid disruption, signaling both incompetence and hostility to things that many if not most Americans hold dear. The news got worse as Politico reported that the
president had signed off on the platform sans God and Jerusalem. The Romney camp could hardly believe the avalanche of atrocious
press . (Democratic National Committee chairwoman Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s
insistence that there had been no controversy brought CNN’s Anderson Cooper to declare
she was operating in an “alternate universe.”)

   It was a remarkable, actual newsmaking episode, something we rarely get at conventions. Moreover, it was the worst blunder
in a scripted TV event in recent memory. “

” Democrats walking into “war on women” trap of their own making

  ” Do Democrats still plan to feature a “war on women” theme at their convention? If they do, I
argue in my column today for The Fiscal Times , they may well find themselves hoist with their own petard, after a week of watching
accomplished Republican women speaking from the dais in Tampa. Not only does the emphasis
entirely miss the issues about which voters care most in this electoral cycle, the entire argument
diminishes women to, well, to exactly what Code Pink reduced them in protests at the GOP

   The message from the Obama campaign and Democrats in general seems to be that women are somehow incapable of finding
birth control on their own unless some paternal entity dispenses it to them, despite all evidence to the contrary. They’re so incapable of this task that employers and schools have to hand it for them, no matter how much income they
derive nor how much tuition they manage to pay otherwise. This has already backfired during Team Obama’s “Life of Julia” campaign, which offered a creepy, solitary vision of a woman’s life approaching that of the song “Eleanor Rigby.” Former CNN news anchor Campbell Brown wrote in The New York Times that “Julia” was “a silly and embarrassing caricature based on the assumption that women look to government at every meaningful phase of
their lives for help.” “

“Obama’s Iftar Dinner”

  ” Obama’s politically correct spin on Islam grows more and more buffoonish. At the very moment he accuses Christians of waging a “war
on women,” he casts Islam as a benevolent religion to which the Sandra Flukes could take refuge.

  He used his remarks at this year’s Iftar dinner to praise Islam as a female-friendly religion. “Indeed, you know that the Koran teaches, ‘Be it man or woman, each of you is equal to the other,'” he said. For Obama, it is the Bible, not the Koran, that reeks of dangerous patriarchy. Obama has mocked the Book of Leviticus, Deuteronomy, and St. Paul’s letters, but he would never dare question a passage in the Koran, which he regards as a holy and blameless book in no need of politically correct revision.”

Reviving the War on Women? 

” Sandra Fluke, the free- contraception activist whose claim to fame was getting insulted by Rush Limbaugh, is hitting the campaign trail with President
Obama in Colorado today. But she
started the day off with an anti-Romney column in the Huffington Post (via Daily Caller ):

  The morning of noted contraception activist Sandra
Fluke’s campaign appearance
with President Barack Obama
in Denver, the newly minted
lawyer explained she is “standing with Obama” in an effort to protect women’s health care. “

Ex-Limbaugh sponsor says dropping show during Fluke controversy hurt company

  ” Even though Mr. Limbaugh has now issued an apology, we have nonetheless decided to withdraw
our advertising from his show. We hope that our action, along with the other advertisers who have already withdrawn their ads, will
ultimately contribute to a more civilized public discourse.”

Looks like they made a mistake .

” So how has dumping Limbaugh
worked out for Carbonite? Not so well. Turns out alienating Rush’s fans may have been more damaging than alienating his critics. “


  We haven’t really dealt with #Julia yet but this list of Top Ten tweets regarding the Obama campaign’s latest attempt to fill the government gravy train with the women’s vote looks to have backfired much like the Ann Romney , Seamus the Dog and Sandra Fluke attempts have . Why not join the party . Surely we want to celebrate the left’s condescension to women in recognizing that without government women wouldn’t be able to survive and thrive . Would someone please tell me how this culture of dependency so ingrained in the left jibes with the goals of the feminists of the women’s liberation movement who so fervently support the Left ? The ultimate irony , no ?

  Has “A woman needs an man like a fish needs a bicycle ”  become ” A woman needs government like a fish needs water ” ? WTF ?