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Olya YarychkivskaHuman Chain Of Freedom

Razom for Ukraine


Chain Of Freedom



” Dear friends, please join us on Saturday, Feb 22nd to support Ukrainian people.

  We are inviting you to come to Brooklyn Bridge (the Manhattan Side) to form a human chain to demonstrate our solidarity with people of Ukraine. We will hold Ukrainian flags, sing the national anthem and light candles in memory of killed protesters. Please bring Ukrainian flags, black ribbons and battery operated candles to the event.”











Canada Train Wreck Shows Need For Keystone Pipeline


” An oil-laden train not unlike those rolling down American tracks derailed and exploded Saturday in a Canadian town, proving why pipelines are safer and environmentalist opposition to a pipeline from Canada is misguided.

At least 13 people were reported dead and 37 missing in the charred Quebec town of Lac-Megantic, 130 miles east of Montreal, after the accident created an inferno of burning crude. Some may never be found, likely vaporized by the sheer intensity of the blaze that burned for 36 hours.”