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Texas Warehouse Packed To The Rafters With Top Technology Guaranteed To Give You A Fright




” Haunted houses can be pretty lame, but one Austin, Texas fright factory dubbed the most high-tech in America is sure to get you quaking in your boots this Halloween.

Most haunted houses operate on a trigger system, using sensors in doors or floors to cue effects.

But Austin’s House of Torment uses infrared video cameras, which allow trained operators in a central control room to time their terrifying treats to elicit maximum shock.”








The Five Creepiest Towns in America



” For those curious about where the creepiest of the creepy places are in this relatively young country of ours, fear not! This great land has its fair share of spine-tingling destinations. While ghostly activities may not be a guarantee, the mystique of these destinations alone can enchant naysayers and enrapture the true believers. Here are our top five creepiest towns in America.”