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Daily Video 6.20.15

Why The Govt. Personnel Cyberattack Was Way Worse Than You Think & Could Cost American Lives




Published on Jun 17, 2015

” Steve Green highlights the horribleness of the recent cyberattack on the government office of personnel. Its dangerous scope will hurt us for decades.”











Daily Video 6.16.15

Comedians Won’t Perform At Colleges. No Joke




Published on Jun 15, 2015

” Comedians Jerry Seinfeld and Chris Rock will not play at colleges and universities because the students are too easily offended. Hear what John Phillips, Scott Ott and Stephen Kruiser think about political correctness and the lack of free speech on college campuses.”










Daily Video 5.6.15

Post Texas Shooting: Is Free Speech A ‘Mousetrap’ For Terrorism?





Published on May 5, 2015

” Chris Matthews said that the Texas incident was a mousetrap for terrorism, and that event organizers crossed a line. The Trifecta Gang rips this apart.”











Daily Video 4.27.15

Koch Bump: How Will Billionaire Brothers Affect The 2016 Race?




Published on Apr 22, 2015

” On this episode of the Rundown, John Phillips, Scott Ott, and Stephen Kruiser discuss whether the Koch Brothers are supporting the Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker in the Republican primary.”









Daily Comedy 4.8.15

ABC-57 Hit Pizza Shop: Satire Hits Back – Scott Ott




Published on Apr 4, 2015

” ABC-57 News led the attack on Memories Pizza, in Walkerton, IN, with a made-up story about Christians rejecting gay wedding jobs. Scott Ott attacks back.”











Daily Video 3.7.15

Too Damn Big: Govt. Out Of Control On Taxes And Spending





Published on Mar 4, 2015

” Think of all the money you paid this year, and have ever paid, in taxes. Now think of all the money all of the people you know have paid and will pay… “













Daily Video 2.7.15

Hilarious Hillary: Are The Democrats A Party Of One?





Published on Feb 4, 2015

” Are the Democrats limiting themselves to one candidate who is rapidly aging? Compared to the large GOP field, could this be a cakewalk? | Trifecta “













Daily Video 1.26.15

Big Brother Alert: How Police Are Spying Inside Of Your Home!




Published on Jan 24, 2015

” Is it right for police to spy inside of your home with a new radar device? Why some are saying it’s an invasion of privacy.”












Daily Video 1.20.15

Time To Abolish The IRS? Find Out What Ted Cruz Thinks





Published on Jan 16, 2015

” Senator Ted Cruz makes his case for passing fundamental tax reform. Find out why he believes the IRS should be abolished! Plus, Hero or Zero of the week. “











Daily Video 12.30.14

Drone Killjoys: F.A.A. Takes Aim at Private Unmanned Aerial Vehicles




Published on Dec 27, 2014

” The Federal Aviation Administration’s proposed rules for private and commercial drone use would limit hobbyists, but possibly cripple businesses. Should the federal government have authority to require pilot licenses for commercial drone operators — including logging cockpit fight time? With a half million drones taking off in the U.S., is it exciting to be back in the early barnstorming days, or is it scary that the federal government has virtually no rules about drones. “












Daily Video 11.1.14

Free To Be Quarantined: Does Ebola Fear Justify Involuntary Detention?




Published on Oct 28, 2014

” The government quarantined Kaci Hickox in a tent for three days. They feared she might have Ebola. Does a threat to many justify the lost liberty for one? “










Daily Video 10.4.14

Mocking The Jihadis: New Iraqi Comedy Show Lampoons Islamic Extremists





Published on Oct 3, 2014

” A new Iraqi comedy show, “State of Myths,” viciously ridicules Islamist extremists as hypocrites. Whittle thinks it’s the most important story of the year. “















Daily Video 6.28.14

PJTV – Democrats Are Firmly In The Grip Of The Extreme Left Fringe Of The Party




Published on Jun 26, 2014

” The IRS is accused of auditing people because of their political beliefs. The NSA is accused of peering into everyone’s private life, not just terrorists. Now the Patent Office denied trademark protection to the Washington Redskins on the grounds that the team is racist. Has President Obama plunged the nation into an Orwellian dystopia? Find out as Stephen Kruiser joins the Trifecta gang. 

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Daily Video 6.12.14

PJTV – Illegal Immigrants Being Illegally Dumped In Arizona…Illegally





Published on Jun 10, 2014

” Bill Whittle is joined by Steve Green, and, in for Scott Ott, Eboni K. Williams. Incensed about the recent decision to place illegal immigrants in Arizona (without asking the state or having any clear strategy), and also concerned about Eric Holder’s recent announcement that the Justice Dept. will provide attorneys to illegals, Bill vents about the lawlessness on Trifecta.”













Daily Video 6.1.14

PJTV – The Tea Party Is Dead! Long Live The Tea Party!





Published on May 28, 2014

” Trifecta thinks reports of the Tea Party’s demise are greatly exaggerated. Hear why as the gang explains how the reportedly dead Tea Party stands to make gains in Texas.”

Daily Video 5.2.14

PJTV – Time To Amend the Constitution? Trifecta Considers Constitutional Convention Of States




Published on Apr 30, 2014

” There are two ways to amend the U.S. Constitution under Article V. First are state ratified amendments proposed by Congress. The second is a state convention to amend the constitution. Some activists worry that the federal government is too powerful, and needs to be reigned in by a state convention. Are they right, or will a state convention turn into a runaway convention that will toss the precious Bill of Rights out of the constitution? Find out what Trifecta thinks.”

Daily Video 3.26.14

‘Tanks’ Arnold! Schwarzenegger Raises Money For Charity By Crushing Things With His Tank





Published on Mar 20, 2014

” Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) is raising money for charity by offering to let one lucky person help him crush things in his tank. Do you want to crush things with Arnold? Learn more.”









Daily Video 2.6.14

Super Bowl Ads: America, Land Of The Defeated?!?



Published on Feb 4, 2014

” Trifecta examines the Super Bowl commercials, and asks what these ads tell us about the American spirit. Did Bob Dylan’s Superbowl ad confirm that America has finally given up on manufacturing anything other than Chryslers? Did the Coca Cola, “America the Beautiful” ad show that there is no longer a common American spirit? Hear what Trifecta thinks about the NFL football championship commercials.”










Daily Video 1.26.14

Smaller Is Better? What Is the Proper Role Of Federal And State Government?




Published on Jan 24, 2014

” Trifecta discusses the proper role of state and federal government. Is it to eradicate income inequality or to provide for retirement security? Could it be that the proper role of government is properly delineated in the U.S. Constitution? Find out.”











Daily Video 12.27.13

Making Obamacare Cool?!? Hear the Latest Bad Healthcare Idea


Published on Dec 26, 2013

” Young people are not interested in enrolling in Obamacare. Some have suggested making Obamacare cool. Is this even possible, and will Obamacare “cool” encourage the young and uninsured to sign-up for Obama’s signature health care plan? Find out.”










Daily Video 11.1.13

Blood On Obama’s Hands? Left Blames Obama For Drone Deaths



Published on Oct 31, 2013

” Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) accused President Obama of killing civilians in drone attacks. Is this a fair line of attack? Should the press join Grayson in accusing Obama of having blood on his hands? Hear what Trifecta thinks.”








Daily Video 10.23.13

What If They Gave A Prize For Good Governance And Nobody Won?



Published on Oct 18, 2013

” Seven years ago, a foundation began offering multi-million dollar awards for good governance to Africa. For four of the past five years, the foundation could not find any former African heads of state worthy of the prize. Why is is so hard to give away this prize money? Hear what Trifecta thinks.”








Daily Video 10.14.13

 Obama’s Shutdown Temper Tantrum: Did Obama Close the WWII Memorial to Hurt Veterans?



Published on Oct 8, 2013

” President Obama wants the government shutdown to hurt, and hurt bad. He closed a World War II memorial and tried to block veterans from remembering their service to their country. Is Obama using the federal budget to spite veterans and the elderly? Hear what Trifecta thinks.”

TRIFECTA: ObamaCare Will Disrupt Your Health Care and Your Life

Published on May 21, 2013

” While many think that ObamaCare will improve the quality of their health care, a recent report proves the opposite to be true. President Obama’s health care law is so complex, that simple life events like marriage, child birth or a new job could throw families into an accounting nightmare. Hear why on this Trifecta.”