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… show Obama administration’s deep involvement in Delphi pension scandal


  ” Internal Treasury Department documents described as
“highly confidential” and obtained by The Daily Caller
show a greater level of involvement in the Delphi
pension scandal from senior officials in the Obama
administration than has been previously acknowledged.
A July 2009 document prepared by the Pension Benefit
Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) titled “Treasury Talking
Points re: Delphi” shows coordination between high-level
players inside the PBGC and Treasury Department. The
document was an attachment to a July 7, 2009 email from
PBGC’s Joseph House to Treasury’s Matthew Feldman,
Oren Haker and Paul Nathanson.

  The talking points show that the PBGC thought the “[v]ast
majority of individual’s [sic] covered by Delphi [pension]
Plans” were “career GM ‘brethren’ distinguishable only
by the 1999 spin-out” of Delphi from its former parent
company, General Motors.
Only those “brethren” who were union members,
however, saw their pensions preserved in the 2009 auto
bailout. Nonunion Delphi retirees lost theirs. (RELATED:
TheDC’s complete coverage of the Delphi pension
scandal). ”

Posted by John Galt

… completely omit any reference to 20,000 Delphi retirees whose pensions terminated in ’09 deal”

  “Democrats congratulated themselves more than 150 times for President Barack Obama’s 2009 auto bailout during last week’s Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., an analysis conducted by conservative organization Let Freedom Ring shows.

Obama praised himself for the bailout three times during his Thursday speech, the Let Freedom Ring analysis found. “I’ve met workers in Detroit and Toledo who feared they’d never build another American car,” Obama said, for instance, according to a transcript the White House released after the speech. “And today, they can’t build them fast enough, because we reinvented a dying auto industry that’s back on the top of the world.” “

Jarrett ignores questions on terminated non-union Delphi pensions

” Emails The DC obtained and first published on Tuesday show senior White House and Treasury officials were behind the termination of
pensions for 20,000 non-union Delphi salaried retirees.

  Those emails show that the Treasury.Department, led by Secretary Timothy Geithner,
was the driving force behind terminating those pensions — a move made in 2009 while the
Obama administration implemented its auto bailout plan. The emails contradict sworn
testimony in which several Obama
administration figures have consistently said that the decision to terminate the pensions came
from the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC). The PBGC is a federal agency that handles private sector pension benefits issues. Its charter calls for independent representation of pension beneficiaries’ interests.”

  “Ten inconvenient truths about the national debt”

Here is truth number one .

” 1.) The amount by which the public debt — the portion of the national debt not borrowed by the
U.S. government from funds it administers — has increased since President Obama took office
is unprecedented, not politics as usual: more than $4.75 trillion (more than 75%), according
to the Treasury Department. If the president’s second-term budget is implemented, he will end up (according to the Congressional Budget Office) increasing the public debt by $8.9 trillion. That exceeds the public debt incurred by all previous presidents combined — by more than $2.6 trillion. “

  Michael Walsh on the Roberts betrayal and the ugly costs of his cowardice .

” Of course, it’s a betrayal on the part of the chief justice, not only of the conservative constituency
that put him into his lifetime, very well paid sinecure, but of all Americans foolish enough to
believe that we actually are a government of laws, not men. At one stroke, Roberts has damaged his own reputation (ruined it, really)
and that of the court. If Roberts was reacting to the unconscionable and outrageous pressure being put on him by the president and his amen corner in the media — as it appears he was — then, as Chapman University law professor John Eastman has said, Roberts should resign :

  ” If the assumption is right, that he thinks was unconstitutional but found a way to uphold it to preserve the integrity of the
court, then he really ought to resign
because it proves he doesn’t have the judicial fortitude to do the job that he’s been chosen to do. ” “

   When will this criminal madness end ?

“The government has been bailing out the giant, insolvent banks for years. (Many of the bailed out banks are foreign.)
That is preventing the economy from recovering… like countries that have grabbed the bull by
the horns .
   The government has allowed the amount of derivatives to reach 1.2 quadrillion dollars . “