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 (Update – Corn responds, 1-2 minutes missing)

“Turns out tape cuts out part of controversial Romney answer

David Corn of Mother Jones released the “complete” audio and video of the secretly recorded Mitt Romney speech at a private fundraiser.

Yet the complete audio and video is not complete.  There is a gap in the recording immediately after Romney’s now famous discussion of the 47% of voters who don’t pay taxes.  The cut in the audio and video comes while Romney is in mid-sentence, so we actually do not have the full audio of what Romney said on the subject”

” MSNBC protects the meme any way it can “

  “The cast and management at MSNBC really, really want their viewers — all 20 of them now,
I believe — to understand that the Republican Party is raaaaaaaaaaaacist , and that the GOP convention is nothing more than a bunch of white men talking and applauding. They are so
desperate to sell their meme latent Republican racism that they simply averted their eyes every time a speaker that didn’t fit their lone talking point took the stage:

  The media never ceases to  amaze us with it’s steadfast refusal to grasp the new order of battle. They no longer control the narrative but plodded along as though it’s still 1989 .

   Oh well , it’s all to the good for truth . As Allahpundit points out , us of the unwashed have learned and adapted to the new media and so will no longer remain in the darkness of MSM dependency .

“,Here’s Andrea Mitchell straining to turn this into Mitt’s very own “supermarket scanner” moment, which (as the Corner notes) was a bogus hit on Bush 41 but served the Democratic narrative that
Republicans are always and forever “out of touch.” “