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Combat trio bred for ultra-reliable performance in the harshest extremes


” Sig Sauer makes three models of pocket pistols: the P238, P938 and P290. The P238 is chambered in .380, while the P938 and P290 are 9mm. All three models measure no more than 1.1 inches thick and 5.5 inches long. All feature a single-stack design with a standard magazine capacity of six rounds. There are between six and 17 variants per model, for a total of 28 pistols, in Sig Sauer’s compact lineup.”

Civilian Shoots Would-Be Robber During Attempted Bank Hold-Up



”  Police chased a car at high speeds down 169 Highway, after police suspected the person inside attempted to rob the First Security Bank of Trimble, 202 Highway 169, in Trimble, Mo.

The FBI said a man walked into the bank, showed a weapon and demanded cash. He was shot in the face by a civilian in the bank during the attempted robbery and then left, the FBI said.”





‘Carrying a Gun Saved My Life’: Meet Ryan Moore

” On December 11, 2010, in Conyers, GA, 22-year-old Ryan Moore was at a friend’s house for an evening of leisure. He borrowed a friend’s car to drive to the nearby grocery store, where his handgun saved his life. I interviewed Ryan Moore over e-mail about that evening.

What happened that night at the Ingles (grocery store) parking lot?

I had parked near the front of the store. A man approached as I was about to get out, asking if I had some spare money he could use for gas. After replying I didn’t have any cash, he proceeded to walk away. As I was watching him leave, I then stepped out of the vehicle and was grabbed from behind by a man who put a knife to my neck. The first man then came back and demanded my keys and wallet.

How much time did you have to react?

It took a few seconds for me to realize what was happening. Once it dawned on me, I made the decision to fight back.”

Your First Shotgun – The Remington Model 870

Remington Model 870 Tactical-Build One For Yourself









” The best single tool ever devised and utilized by law enforcement, sportsmen, soldiers and home defenders. It has saved lives, protected those in blue, opened terrorist doors and bagged a days worth of doves. It can be behind the door tact-out and in 30 minutes or less be ready for the bird blind with a few part changes. That tool is the Remington Model 870 shotgun. ”

73-Year-Old Gun-Owning Clerk Foils Drunken Robbery Attempt

” Don’t mess with Fred Price. This 73-year-old Michigan store clerk might not look like much of a threat, but this fearless gun owner has foiled two different armed robberies.

The most recent incident occurred just last Monday, when a 49-year-old Deerfield Township man stumbled into the Venture Corners convenience store and demanded beer.

“It was just a drunk man who came in and who had what appeared to be a regular gun,” Price recalled.

From Price’s point of view, the man was obviously plastered, so Price told him to “get the hell out.” The drunk man refused, showed off the gun that was in his waistband, and demanded some booze. Price described the event: “He went back on my porch and was sitting there with what I thought was a real gun. I called the police before that to let them know a man in the store had a gun. I pulled my gun.” “

The Truth About Guns on whether an armed citizen may have stopped James Holmes .


“If Cinemark hadn’t made their business a “gun free” zone, if James Holmes knew he might face that kind of tactical disadvantage during his attack, maybe he would have chosen a different target. Or used explosives instead. Or . . . who knows. But sometimes the best offense is a good defense.”

Charles C W Cooke offers this must-read piece in NRO .

“What happened in Colorado in the early hours of this morning was not a “tragedy” but a willful act of mass murder. Beyond his age, name, and ethnicity, nobody yet knows who the shooter is, or why he chose to do what he did. In my view, this is a blessing, albeit a temporary one; for, as.has been the way in recent years, once his partyregistration, television-viewing habits, and random scribblings become known to the public,
all sorts of hysterical speculation and unlettered accusations will burst forth.

  Whole groups will be vilified, blame will be apportioned to those many times removed, and the shooter will be partially absolved of blame by those who prefer to see fault in video games or talk radio or political rhetoric or anything else
that can be conscripted to explain why terrible things happen to good people. “

I posted a link to the article in the LA Times yesterday but I was unable to post the video directly to the site until now . Enjoy …

Another Small Victory ….

As I’ve said before , “good for them, good for us “

“Oklahoma will become the 25th state to allow the open carrying of handguns. Gov. Mary Fallin
signed into law Tuesday a measure that allows Oklahomans to openly carry handguns. The measure, Senate Bill 1733, allows those who are licensed to carry a firearm under the Oklahoma Self Defense Act a choice: to openly carry a
weapon or conceal it.”

You have to love a Governor that can say this :

“As a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and a gun owner myself, I’m happy to sign this bill into law and grant law-abiding citizens the ability to openly carry firearms,”


Standing Her Ground part 2

  ” ‘ I carry a gun all the time’ says woman who thwarted Macon holdup attempt .”

Good for her and good for us all .

I’m still waiting for the usual suspects ( NYT , ABC , CBS , NBC ,Wash Post .) to comment .

“A woman fired back from her car as two gunmen tried to rob her early Saturday after she
dropped off a friend on English Avenue.She wounded one of the would-be bandits who ran away and wrecked their car on the way to
the hospital, according to a Macon Police Department news release. “

Poll: Majority  SUPPORT Deadly Force for Self-Defense

“The online survey showed that 68 percent,or two out of three respondents, had a favorable opinion of the NRA, which starts
its annual convention in St. Louis, Missouri,on Friday.”