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Hilarious Girls Crash Car While Making A Karaoke Selfie Video





Published on May 20, 2014

” News for Hilarious girls crash car while making a …
  Caught on camera. Hilarious video of two girls crashing their car while filming a karaoke selfie.
Iranian girls crash car while recording karaoke session and … “

Kicked In The Head By A Train



   This stupid kid bemoans the fact that the engineer kicked him in the head as the train flew by but a closer observation of the video reveals that the engineer , at considerable personal risk to himself , saved the kid from a nasty head wound or even death as this still from an Imgur user reveals …

Kick In The Head

    Well done sir , well done . The moron gets to live another day and possibly dilute the gene pool even further but you did the right thing . He should be thanking you profusely .

   By the way this video chronicle of stupidity has garnered nearly 23 million views in less than a week . Hopefully this is that dolt’s fifteen minutes of fame .



Sports reporter Kelly Nash snaps picture of ball almost hitting her head



” That’s Sun Sports Rays reporter Kelly Nash at Fenway Park in Boston on Saturday. During batting practice, she decided to snap a picture of herself at the historic ball field. Her producer had warned her earlier that the balls were flying pretty close, but Nash decided to take a chance. She explains what happened next.”