Sen. Lautenberg Dies, Christie Expected To Name Successor

” Sen. Frank Lautenberg, D-N.J., died overnight of complications from viral pneumonia, his office said Monday.

At 89, Lautenberg was the oldest senator—and the last World War II veteran serving in that legislative body. He enlisted at 18 and served in the Army Signal Corps in Europe during the war.

Lautenberg served on the Senate committees on Appropriations; Commerce Science and Transportation; and Environment and Public Works. He had struggled with health problems earlier this year and already had announced that he would not run for re-election in 2014.

Gov. Chris Christie, a Republican, has the power to appoint someone to fill the vacancy, according to The Bergen Record, which was first to report the news. Christie is expected to schedule a special election to find a permanent successor—a decision that is sure to impact what was already considered a heated race to replace the late senator.”

    If there was a real republican governor in NJ this could be a positive gain for the GOP side of the aisle , but alas that seems not to be the case . Anyone care to speculate who might be on the gargantuan Governor’s short list ? 

     And let us remember that Lautenberg gained the Senate seat that he just vacated under very dubious circumstances when Robert Torricelli , who had the nomination , dropped out due to ethical scandals after the date for nomination had passed and the New Jersey Democratic party appointed him in violation of New Jersey election law .

      New Jersey has certainly produced some “admirable” individuals in politics over the past decade or two . It is easier to name the nationally known Jersey pols who haven’t been involved in scandals of one sort or another and while Lautenberg seemed to be an honest individual , the bulk of his prominent compatriots were considerably less exemplary in their behavior … Robert Menendez , Jon CorzineJim McGreevey , Robert “The Torch” Torricelli … What a bunch of losers New Jersey Democratic party has foisted on the American people .