Former VPD Officer Faces Sex Charges



Cop Kiddie Porn



” Former Valdosta Police Officer Michael Linger, 43, was indicted by a Lowndes County Grand Jury for two counts of Sexual Exploitation of Children. 

  The Valdosta Police Department Bureau of Investigations and Internal Affairs Investigators worked with Investigators from the District Attorney’s Office and ICE Agents during the investigation. 

  The investigation revealed that this conduct did not take place while Linger was on duty with the Valdosta Police Department.   Linger, who was assigned to the Bureau of Patrol Services during his career with the police department, was immediately terminated from his employment as a Valdosta Police Officer on October 3, 2013.”


     As we continue to compile cases of police illegality and corruption we have come across a common theme , that being the fact that no matter how heinous the crime a police officer is accused of there never seems to be a picture of the alleged perpetrator .  Yet one more double standard regarding the different treatment under the law received by the “elites” and by the average citizen . 

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