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At Least 35 People Reportedly Killed In New Year’s Eve Stampede In Shanghai





” At least 35 New Year’s Eve revellers have been killed in a stampede in Shanghai. Chinese state media has reported a further 42 people have been injured in the crush.

  The carnage began in crowded conditions shortly before midnight on December 31, as people packed the waterfront Bund district to welcome the New Year, according to a local government statement.

  Unconfirmed reports on social media site Weibo suggested partygoers had thrown fake US dollar bills or coupons into the air at a nearby nightclub immediately prior to the crush, prompting a scramble.”














China Pushes For Drones




” For almost two years, hackers based in Shanghai went after one foreign defense contractor after another, at least 20 in all. Their target, according to an American cybersecurity company that monitored the attacks, was the technology behind the United States’ clear lead in military drones.

I believe this is the largest campaign we’ve seen that has been focused on drone technology,” said Darien Kindlund, manager of threat intelligence at the company, FireEye, based in California. “It seems to align pretty well with the focus of the Chinese government to build up their own drone technology capabilities.”

The hacking operation, conducted by a group called “Comment Crew,” was one of the most recent signs of the ambitions of China’s drone development program. The government and military are striving to put China at the forefront of drone manufacturing, for their own use and for export, and have made an all-out push to gather domestic and international technology to support the program.”









Let’s Hope Not 

What if Cities Went Dark ? [10 Pics]

Surreal photographic art by Thierry Cohen

Los Angeles , California


” French photographer Thierry Cohen is the artist behind these beautiful photo compositions. We especially like the vibe these photos give off. “

Beware The Flying Sharks

Caught on camera: Moment 33-ton Aquarium Bursts In Shopping Centre, Showering Crowds With LIVE SHARKS And Shards Of Glass


” This is the shocking moment a 33-ton glass shark tank suddenly burst leaving 15 people injured by flying shards of broken glass and a torrent of water.

The tank was an attraction at the entrance to the Shanghai Orient shopping centre in China’s second city when it shattered without warning on December 19.

Eight of those hurt were customers and the rest were shop assistants and security staff. They mostly suffered deep cuts and bruises from sheets of broken glass. “