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Hank Green At SciShow Explains







Published on Aug 11, 2014

” Eat facts, Shark Week! Hank takes you on a tour of the shark’s amazing anatomy, including the many adaptations that made it a great predator — despite not having any bones.”






300lb 8ft Flying Shark Leaps Into New Jersey Fishing Boat




” Two New Jersey fishermen were out on the open seas when a big one very nearly caught them!

Clint Simek and Tom Rostron Jr. were on the Atlantic Ocean 40 miles south of New York City when an 8-foot shark grabbed one of their baits and pounced aboard their small craft.

The duo were paralysed by fear and ended up cowering in the aft of their 30ft boat whilst the ferocious shark began violently thrashing around on deck.

With the fish’s two inch teeth clear for them to see, the sailors decided to wait until the fish began to tire before tying it up.

In the meantime, the frenetic shark began eating everything in sight including cushions, speakers and even the boats decking through which water began to seep.”


The History of Big Game Fishing


Big Game 1896–1978

The “good old times”, great moments of the pioneers – we have always to think about the fact that the Big Gamer hadn´t (useful) mono-lines or fiber-glass-rods until the end of the 50’s. They fished hickory-, bamboo or steel rods -,; the lines were twisted natural fibers (cotton, silk …)




The initial members of the Tuna club of Avalon 1896.

S. Kip Farrington mit 765 lb Blauflossenthun, 9-thread/100 lb Leine, North Carolina, August 1936.



Mako Madness

Sport Fishing Magazine