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Daily Video 1.24.14

FOX NEWS: NSA’s War Against You



Published on Jan 22, 2014

” More evidence courtesy of NSA that the government is NOT you. http://www.LibertyPen.com”









Judge Napolitano on Fox:




” The pressure to strike Syria is really heating up for President Obama (even if there now appears to be a way out), but it might not necessarily be legal to do so. Judge Andrew Napolitano reiterated as much to Shepard Smith on Tuesday, saying this time that if Obama strikes Syria, he could very well be declared a war criminal by the European Union.

Napolitano warned that if Obama proceeds anyway, the consequences could be particularly dire for him.

“The president runs the risk of being declared a war criminal by a magistrate in the EU…. If they indict him as a war criminal, an indictment for which there’s no statute of limitations, after he leaves the White House, he can’t go to Europe for fear of having to confront this.”