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More on the man shot in his driveway while looking to have a smoke .

Colorado Sheriff: Dems Threatening Raises Over Opposition To Gun Control




” On Saturday, El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa told radio station KVOR that he received an email last week that said Democrats would either stop or stall pay raises for the state’s elected sheriffs if they did not support Colorado’s pending gun control legislation, The Blaze reported Sunday.

“I have not been directly threatened or coerced in any way nor would I tolerate anythreat,” he wrote on Facebook, but added that a message that was delivered verbally to a representative of the Colorado Sheriff’s Association “basically stated that the Senate Dems are very upset with the Colorado Sheriffs opposing the gun legislation proposed by the Senate Democrats.”

Maketa said he was “absolutely outraged by that. Number one, the salary bill for elected officials is a mandate of the legislature. Creating gun control is not a mandate, and in this case, there is no factual basis for it.” ”






Sheriff David Clarke: I’m Going To Defend The Constitution ‘Tooth & Nail’

Glenn Beck Sheriffs



” Four sheriffs sat down with Glenn Beck, which he referred to as the “bravest sheriffs in all of America,” and they spoke about their stand against an ever growing Federal government and its threats of tyranny. Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke confirmed what all of sheriffs were there to affirm and that is they would defend the Constitution “tooth and nail.”

Beck had Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, Grant County, Oregon Sheriff Glenn Palmer, Livingston County, Missouri Sheriff Steve Cox and Linn County, Oregon County Sheriff Tim Mueller as guests.”

Sheriffs speak out against gun control – compilation