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White House Fights To Keep Shirley Sherrod Emails Secret




” The Obama administration is trying to keep reams of White House emails regarding the 2010 firing of former Agriculture Department official Shirley Sherrod secret.

  Justice Department lawyers argued in U.S. District Court last week that documents filed recently in Sherrod’s libel lawsuit against the late Andrew Breitbart—who published edited video clips that led the White House to fire Sherrod over accusations of racism—should be sealed and not released to the public.

Josh Gerstein of Politico reports:

  Court filings are normally public, but the Justice Department said the e-mails from the accounts of nine White House staffers and an additional number of Agriculture Department officials should be kept under wraps in part because the public already has enough information through official statements about Sherrod’s forced resignation and the ensuing events. “


    Tyranny is what we have when the administration and their bureaucratic flunkies decide exactly when the public has received “enough information” about our elected /appointed officials and their doings …



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” In the spirit of citizen journalism overriding mainstream media filters, Wednesday, May 1 will be “Everybody Blog About #Pigford” Day. All journalists, bloggers, and inspired writers are invited to contribute their thoughts about the Pigford scandal–one of Andrew Breitbart’s most important and passionate journalistic causes.

Whether through an official platform, or social media, you can make your voice heard–and now is the time to do it. After years of media denial, the Pigford story was featured on the front page of the New York Times last Friday. But many mainstream media outlets, and politicians of both parties, still refuse to acknowledge it.

May 1st is a crucial date because corrupt farmers’ settlements for women and Hispanic farmers are STILL open –the claims form is at FarmerClaims.gov–but the deadline for these schemes is May 1st.

Right now: start to get educated on Pigford. There’s a ton of material on Breitbart.com and other places. Google and you’ll see.”





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