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Home Defense Shotgun: Myths And Reality




If you stand around a gun counter long enough, someone will walk in and ask the so-called “expert” behind the counter, “What is the best thing for home defense?” Without missing a beat the answer usually is, “buy yourself X brand of shotgun, you can’t miss.” At this point, I usually leave said store because I can’t stand hearing sewage like this spewed at uneducated buyers. I am in no way saying the shotgun is not a great home-defense weapon; it has been proven time and time again to be a great choice for home defense. What I am saying is the myth surrounding the shotgun, and the amount of cool-guy stuff you can hang off of one, has placed the venerable shotgun on a big white pedestal. A shotgun is one of the most versatile but hard-to-master firearms available. They are usually (with exception of NFA items) bulky, heavy, slow to reload and hold a laughable amount of ammo.

For the purpose of this article I’m only going to cover “combat” shotguns, ones commonly used for home defense, patrol work or in the military. This style usually has barrels of 20″ or shorter, holds five or more rounds and is not well-suited to hunting or target shooting. If you have ever watched a show about police on TV and they pull out a shotgun, then you know what I am talking about. “


   The DC Caller offers a very thorough primer on shotguns for home defense and while they may not be for everyone there is no doubting their effectiveness in the hands of an experienced user. The article is well worth your time , even if you think you know it all .







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Mossberg Model 500 Thunder Ranch 12 Gauge Pump-Action Fighting Shotgun



” The Mossberg Model 500 shotgun has been around for over half a century, being introduced in 1961. It is one of the most popular shotguns ever built, with Mossberg just recently producing the ten millionth Model 500 shotgun. The Model 500 design is the basis for the entire line of Mossberg pump shotguns, including the military Model 590A1, which serves the US military and law enforcement market, with variations of the Models 590 and 590A1 available for the civilian market as well. Still, the basic Model 500 has endured for five decades because it is a very affordable shotgun, and it works very well.

The Model 500 is available in dozens of configurations that fill quite well the role of a fighting shotgun, and the one shown here is their Thunder Ranch variation. Thunder Ranch is a world-renowned firearms training facility in Oregon, founded and directed by Clint Smith. Mr. Smith is well-known as a firearms instructor and writer, and has successfully run Thunder Ranch for twenty years, training shooters in the defensive and offensive use of firearms. The Model 500 Thunder Ranch shotgun shown here was designed in cooperation with Mr. Smith, and has pretty much everything needed to serve as a fighting shotgun.”



Video at the link









Connecticut Sees Number Of Background Check Requests Increase By 6,000% (Not A Typo, 6,000%)





” In CT you have to get a permit just to purchase a firearm.

In December state police, who are responsible for processing the background checks for those permits, had a fairly normal backlog of around 1,000 pending background checks.

Now, just over 4 months later, and following the Newtown shooting and the passage of extremely strict new gun laws, that backlog has grown to over 60,000, an increase of around 6,000%

There are several reasons for the massive increase. One, part of the new gun control package passed by CT last month included an “effective immediately” provisions which now requires a background check for rifle and shotgun sales as well as handguns.”







Andy Duffy — A Legendary Member Of The Browning Pro Staff

” If you want a few tips on Sporting Clays you could not pick anyone with more shooting savvy than Andy Duffy. Andy is a long-time fan of Browning and legendary member of the Browning Pro Staff Team. He has been shooting competitively for over 23 years and during that time has been on the NSCA All American Team 17 times, Team USA 20 times representing the United States in 13 different countries and has over 150,000 lifetime targets. He is a master teacher of the sport. Enjoy this look into what makes him tick.”

Serbu Firearms Refuses To Sell .50 Cal Sniper Rifles To NYPD





” Serbu Firearms, a manufacturer of bolt-action and semi-automatic .50 caliber sniper rifles, is refusing to sell their wares to the NYPD. Their reason, of course, is that owing to unfair gun laws, they will not support law enforcement in New York.

Serbu is one of almost 150 companies that has officially refused to sell to law enforcement in New York following the passage of the SAFE Act, the controversial gun control package that has been met with scorn by gun owners across the nation.

The company posted the NYPD’s inquiry as well as their refusal to their Facebook page, with names omitted.

Company founder Mark Serbu said, “Unfortunately, we have a policy of selling to state law enforcement agencies only what is allowed to be sold to private citizens in that state. Since the passage of the NY SAFE act, the BFG-50A is considered an assault weapon and as such is no longer available to private citizens in the state of New York. Therefore we have to respectfully decline to supply your department with BFG-50A rifles.”


If you want to let them know what you think yea or nay, of just “like” them, head over to the Serbu Firearms Facebook page.”



300 Guns Seized: Gun Seizure Dominates Local, National TV News Shows




” In a news story that was broadcast on all the TV channels in New Jersey on Friday, 300 guns were seized from a Long Island home this week. The seizure happened in walking distance from a local area high school, too.

Many of the guns that were recovered by police were illegal firearms.

The owner, a 66-year-old man named Jay Steiner, was actually arrested in January thanks to the work of an undercover police officer that visited Steiner’s home. Despite the arrest happening two months ago, the story is just now getting coverage on television and in the local and national newspapers.

According to MSN.com, Steiner is now being charged with criminal possession of a weapon. Despite having 300 guns seized from his home, Steiner is free on bail.

The gun tally for Steiner, who allegedly had guns all over his house, breaks down as the following: 85 illegal handguns and 230 rifles and shotguns.”






Remington 870 Gets The Magpul Treatment Too





” Earlier today we talked about Remington’s new R-15 rifles coming out with Magpul furniture, but the real news is that they’re coming out with an officially-sanctioned Remington 870 decked out with Magpul’s new buttstock and forend.

This was less of an “if” and more of a “when” but we’re glad Remington’s doing it sooner rather than later. Magpul launched their line of 870 accessories about six months ago and it was pretty instantaneously successful.

So the Remington 870 Express Tactical Magpul shotgun isn’t too much of a surprise. The good news is that they did more than just add the furniture to a bare-bones 870. They added it to their already popular Express Tactical, which has a handful of features that befit this equally-tactical furniture.”

Champion Shooter Educates the Public on Semi-Automatic Firearms



” Here is champion shooter Jessie Duff explaining the differences between a hunting rifle and an AR-15 style rifle, along with some other guns. Jessie Duff, competition shooter, made an appearance on the Hannity Show last evening. She walked the audience through various semi-automatic firearms; rifles and handguns. It was quite educational for those who do not understand what is being discussed in the media and by politicians lately as a “military-style assault rifle”. Educate yourself, then share with others.

Point of fact: More kids died this week from the flu than from guns. More died in car accidents than from guns.

I like to shoot the AR-15. It is fun and there is no recoil, so you can shoot all day. The first time my husband let me shoot one, after I was done and talking to a friend I said I shot about 30 rounds. My husband laughed and said no, it was more like 90! When you educate yourself you will see what a bunch of media and political hype this whole gun issue is! The AR is the least of your worries, and if you wonder why a couple of mentally deranged crazies have used them, as the media is eager to report, it is because they are very popular. You can customize them in a lot of different ways to suit your personal choices and desires. The only way to eliminate this fear of firearms is to educate yourself, take some classes in firearms, and go out and enjoy a day on the shooting range. You will come away with a better understanding of what self-defense is all about and gain confidence in your ability to defend and protect yourself, your family and your property. Your initial fear will be replaced with self-assurance as you master the skills of target shooting.

Immersing yourself in the traditional gun culture (which is part of being an American) you will also come to understand the reason the founding fathers wrote the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights in the Constitution, which states that “…the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” I interpret that to mean that the federal government is constitutionally prohibited from enacting ANY gun control laws that would infringe on our right to be armed to protect ourselves from threats or enemies, foreign or domestic. The laws in place that prohibit a known felon from owning or possessing a firearm are reasonable, and are to protect the law abiding populace. Background checks on those who want to purchase guns also make sense, as we have the technology to do so and we should prevent firearms from getting into the wrong hands. We are never going to eliminate all gun crime. On the other hand, statistics show that cities that have strict gun control laws and areas designated as “gun free zones” only allow for criminals to know that they can commit crimes with little or no resistance. We can be reasonable in effecting safer gun control measures, but harsher rules of what kind of weapons and how many rounds a magazine can hold, only harm law abiding citizens. Enforce the laws with strict consequences on those who commit violent crimes of all kinds, with any form of deadly weapon.

This knee jerk reaction of our politicians shows us that they never want to let a crisis go to waste. They want us disarmed. Ask yourself why? ”



HT/ Chicks On The Right

New from Mossberg: 20 Gauge 500s (VIDEO)



” Let’s begin with the 500 line of pump guns.  Mossberg now has options in 20 gauge 500s.  There are several different versions of their defense minded 500, and some that are more sporty.  They’ve even carried it over to the Maverick line.

But it is the 20 gauge defensive guns that I respect the most.  While I’m built to handle anything the 12 gauge can shoot, I have seen other shooters get so nervous about recoil that they aren’t effective as shooters.  Some folks need a smaller shotgun.  That’s all there is to it.

And an eight shot 20 gauge Mossberg 500 is going to provide that option for many of these people.  These guns are noticeably smaller, lighter, and they’ll be much easier to use. ”





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The Truth About assault Weapons

2013 Golden Bullseye Winners



Optic of the Year

Trijicon TARS

Trijicon Tactical Advanced Riflescope


 ” Of the numerous, and varied, duties of American Rifleman’s editors, few are as difficult as reviewing the past year’s new product releases and selecting the firearms, ammunition and accessories that are most deserving of the sought after American Rifleman Golden Bullseye Award.

“The Golden Bullseye Award has become a much-coveted symbol of excellence, innovation and quality in firearms, accessories and related equipment,” said Joe H. Graham, Executive Director of NRA Publications. “This year’s winning slate offers consumers the very best the shooting and hunting industry has to offer. We congratulate the winners and look forward to recognizing them at the NRA Annual Meetings in Houston.” ”


Read the rest and see if you agree with their selections



More Black Friday Firearms Deals … This Time From Dick’s Sporting Goods 


Bass Pro Shops Black Friday 2012 Ad Scan and Deals




Make Sure you check out the second part too, most firearms are listed in the second part.



Some wonderful deals to be had for the special someone on your Christmas list .

Three Days Only 

Sightmark Rolling Out New Mini Shot Pro Spec MRDS And Rear Sight Pistol Mounts


Mini Shot Pro Spec mounted on a M&P pistol with other mounts shown



” Sightmark is proud to announce a new version of their Mini Shot red dot sight, the Pro Spec and a slew of rear sight mounts for a spread of popular service pistols. The new mini red dot sight (MRDS) is improved in a handful of ways that make it a good optic for both-eyes-open shooting whether you’re running a rifle or shotgun.

The new Mini Shot Pro Spec features a new glass reticle, an integrated hood and improved digital controls. From the press release:

“The fused double pane glass makes the Mini Shot series of products an extremely accurate reflex sight,” said Jonathan Horton, Sightmark product developer. “The reticle is 100% accurate not only in the center, but also along the lens edges. With the addition of the protective hood and digital switch, the Mini Shot Pro Spec is better protected and easier to use, making it perfect as a primary or secondary weapon sight.” “

… Derringer Meets Shotgun

 ” Most people know what a shotgun is. Most people know what a derringer is. Few people know there was ever a shotgun derringer. Robert Hillberg for Winchester designed it and, in the spirit of its guns ultimate purpose, it was dubbed “The Liberator“.

What is an insurgency weapon?

The concept of an “insurgency weapon” first came about debatably in the Second World War. Freedom loving resistance fighters behind the Nazi lines in occupied Europe had lots of heart but few weapons and to solve this problem the FP-45 .45 ACP single shot pistol was invented. The concept was that thousands of inexpensive and extremely simple to use (just point and shoot) close range weapons could set the German rear on fire by disseminating them throughout the civilian populations via airdrops and other more covert methods, diverting enemy combat troops from the front line for a minimal investment.”

The Metro Gun System

” How do you describe the Metro Gun System? The Metro Gun System is the answer to the question, “I wonder what would happen if I added three feet or so to my shotgun’s barre.” We’re not sure if its inventor, L.P.Brezny, had any expectation of what six feet of barrel would result with, but the final product is one ridiculously quiet shotgun.

Using special sub-sonic ammunition designed with the cooperation of Federal, a shotgun equipped with the Metro Gun System operates at about 72 decibels. Even with super-sonic ammo the crack at the muzzle is just 82 decibels.

It makes sense. A suppressor is a device that captures the gas escaping from the muzzle of a barrel. This barrel is so long, and has such great gas capacity, that it does the same job. The only difference, besides being massive, is that—legally-speaking, according to the ATF—it’s not a silencer. Which means that there’s no special process to get one, and it’s legal in all 50 states, even for hunting. “

Sailing through the Sea of Remington 870s


” The Remington 870 is arguably the most prolific pump shotgun. More than 10 million have been made. There are so many existing variations and customization that it is hard to define exactly what an 870 is. Remington currently makes more than thirty variations. But that doesn’t begin to represent all of the possible variations. “