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A Look At FBI Cases, Part 1





” The FBI worked thousands of investigations during 2013, involving everything from extremists bent on terror to cyber thieves, financial fraudsters, and murder and hostage situations. As the year comes to a close, we take our annual look back at some of the Bureau’s most significant cases.

  Part 1 focuses on our top investigative priority—protecting the nation from terrorist attack. We work toward that goal with our local, state, and federal law enforcement and intelligence community partners, primarily through our Joint Terrorism Task Forces around the country.

  Here are some of the top terror cases of 2013, in reverse chronological order:”  Click Here For Cases




And here is Part 2


” With our partners in the law enforcement and intelligence communities, the FBI worked thousands of investigations during 2013, from cyber crimes to espionage and multi-million-dollar fraud schemes. As the year draws to a close, we take a look back at some of 2013’s most significant cases.

  Part 1 focused on terrorism. Part 2 highlights top cases—in reverse chronological order—from the FBI’s other investigative priorities:” Part 2 Is Here









Silk Road Jewel Reveals More Of Its Treasures




” I have returned 12 years later with Afghan and French archaeologists to tour some of the oldest, most magnificent and historically significant sites in the world – sites that are shedding light not only on Afghanistan’s past, but on the development of human civilisation, from India to China and beyond.

The Bactrian plain is the treasure house of Afghanistan’s secret history. Across this desert, Alexander the Great marched his army, killed the king of Balkh and married his beautiful daughter, Roxanne. Some 1,500 years later, Genghis Khan swept through and destroyed teeming cities that were melting pots of diversity.

The philosopher Zoroaster, founder of the first monotheistic religion 3,500 years ago, lived and possibly died here. Rumi, the 13th Century poet who wrote in Persian, was born in Balkh – and is also, some Afghans like to think, buried here.”








Is Bitcoin The Future Of Money ?





” You may have seen in the press recently that the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has shut down drug website Silk Road.

With this news many commentators have tied in the fact that many customers of Silk Road use Bitcoins to make transactions. Some have even suggested that now the FBI potentially has a grasp on Bitcoin it will mean the end for Bitcoin and all other private digital currencies.

But from what I can see, the Feds shutting down Silk Road is evidence Bitcoin will survive and be a permanent fixture in the global economy, whatever shape or form it might take in the future.

The biggest issue with Bitcoin is the insane price volatility and people using it in a way not suited for its intended design. Most people see Bitcoin as an investment.

Because Bitcoin is so new, people are confused about what it is and how to use it.

And that’s half the issue, people are trying to pigeon-hole it into a definition, ‘Oh it’s like gold. Oh it’s like cash. Oh it’s like a stock.’ In fact, it’s all of the above and more.

It’s a whole new medium of economic exchange.

It’s most similar comparison is to gold. But it’s as flexible and liquid as cash…with the potential to appreciate in value like a stock. You can’t define it as anything other than Bitcoins.

You need to also remember its history to appreciate its actual current resistance to turmoil.”