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Once-great Detroit collapses, files for biggest city bankruptcy in U.S. history


” Detroit, once one of the great power centres of North America, has collapsed, filing for what would be the biggest bankruptcy in U.S. history.

  The city’s emergency manager, Kevyn Orr, today asked a court to put the municipality into bankruptcy protection, what is known as a Chapter 9 filing.

  The move followed negotiations with creditors, including those asked to take a substantial haircut on their debts.”


 State Takeover Looms In Detroit





” Is the governor caving to pressure from the suburbs?  Detroit City President Charles Pugh said that’s a fact , as Rick Snyder on Friday declared a financial emergency in Detroit, setting the stage for a state takeover.

Pugh said, however, while there is pressure from outside the city, he’s certain there are people within Detroit who would welcome a state-appointed emergency financial manager.”



Because they’re doing such a good job on their own …


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