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Waiting on the Eastern Sports & Outdoor Show Statement


  We apologize to our readers as we let this important happening go unreported these past few days but will endeavor to make up the lost ground herein . For those unfamiliar , the annual Eastern Sports & Outdoor Show has been one of if not the biggest hunting and fishing expos on the east cost for ages . However, do to the promoter’s ( Reed Exhibitions ) decision to ban the display of semi-automatic firearms there has been a growing ( near complete ) list of big name long time sponsors dropping their association with the show . 

   That groundswell has grown to include not only firearms businesses but fishing and boating companies as well . It is wonderful to see the sporting community standing together for individual rights . Let’s hope that this is just the beginning as we are in for the fight of our lives . We’ve reached the endgame and one faction will emerge in the coming years … either statism or liberty will triumph . After fifty years it should be apparent to all that we cannot co-exist . 

    Anyway , forgive our long-windedness and enjoy the total collapse of an annual fixture whose bosses thought it smart to ignore their customer base and seek the accolades of the media-driven PC collective . 

” Last night, Pennsylvania’s Olympic Gold Medalist Jamie Gray – billed as the ESOS’s guest of honor – canceled her appearances at the show. She posted on Facebook:

As an avid outdoors woman who grew in this sport in part due to my experience at ESOS, it’s a decision that doesn’t come easy but I have decided that I will NOT participate. My decision is due to what I feel would be an inability as an Olympic athlete to represent my sport, industry and USA Shooting teammates in the best possible manner given the political climate that will be present as a result of the decisions that have been made.

Perhaps the biggest news that doesn’t seem to be confirmed anywhere through a statement, but the official ESOS website now only lists one sponsor willing to be associated with them – Progressive Insurance. ( no surprise there I’m afraid ) Cabela’s and Outdoor Channel have officially dropped out, but the disappearance of the Comcast logo indicates that maybe they don’t even want to be associated with the fiasco that this has become.

When it comes to the diversity of sportsmen standing with us, it has so far mostly been from hunters and archers. However, today Towne Marine announced that they are pulling their massive 30 boat display out of the ESOS in protest of their decision to ban modern semi-automatic firearms. Based on the map on the website, it appears they were the second largest display in the fishing hall. “

Bass Pro Shops Black Friday 2012 Ad Scan and Deals




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Three Days Only 

Cheaper Than Dirt Examines That Relative Newcomer , The .40S&W


Cartridge of the Week, the .40 Caliber Smith & Wesson, .40 SW


 ” Few cartridges can have an iconic tag. What is rarer is when experts call a cartridge iconic when still in its infancy. Twenty years is just an infancy when it comes to the world of cartridges. Of all the ones we have reviewed, this is the baby of the bunch. However, the baby has achieved as close to perfection as perfection can be. Perfection is the .40 Smith & Wesson.

A little lesson in physics. Don’t run for cover—we will make it very simple. The ultimate goal of a cartridge is to launch a bullet with enough energy to give us the desired result. For target practice, that is accuracy as well as precision. The two are not the same. That discussion is for another time and for target shooters, when the goal is repeat performance. Whereas, for those who are shooting something other than paper – getting the most bang for your buck- then Kinetic Energy is what we need to know a little more about. “