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Snow For All 50 States Forecast In Next 7 Days


GFS total snowfall forecast for the 7 days ending Friday morning, March 6, 2015.



” The unseasonable cold is expected to continue over much of the U.S., with some interruptions, and the latest GFS model forecast shows some snow for portions of all 50 states in the next seven days. (Graphic courtesy of Weatherbell.com, click for full-size). “


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” How to annoy people when it snows .”

Prices Plummet For Super Bowl Tickets



Super Bowl Ticket Prices




” Two hungry fan bases and the wealth of the New York metropolitan area had some guessing that Super Bowl XLVIII would turn out to be the most expensive ticket in Super Bowl history.

  However, judging from the reaction of the resale ticket market in the past 24 hours, it could turn out to be one of the least expensive.

  On Friday, nine days before the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks meet at MetLife Stadium, the cheapest ticket to buy for the Super Bowl was $1,779 on NFL Ticket Exchange, the league’s official resale site. That’s $409 cheaper than it was on the site with this many days left last year and $809 cheaper than the year before. 

  Since the conference championship games ended, ticket prices have steadily plummeted. The get-in price on the NFL Ticket Exchange was $2,700 on Monday.”


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For Gosh Sake , Drive Carefully



Horrific Car Accident




” Taken from a state trooper’s dash cam. Watch the Suburban directly in front of the camera.”



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Cat Attacks Woman Kicking Snow At It In Detroit



Published on Dec 17, 2013

” A Detroit-area woman who was allegedly trying to “protect” her dog from a stray cat went about it in the worst possible way — by kicking snow in its face. The cat, being a cat, responds by pouncing in the woman and dropping her like a sack of Meow Mix. The woman then retreats from the scene of the cat fight holding her injured head, leaving the dog she was “protecting” behind as the ferocious feline approaches the unattended fence.

  Moral of this story: Cats don’t like having snow kicked in their face “



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Cool Tanks Made From Snow (28 Photos)



snow tanks 500 15 WTF, yet cool, tanks made from snow (28 Photos)






Kind of cool huh ? That’s nothing compared to these





snow tanks 500 17 WTF, yet cool, tanks made from snow (28 Photos)



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