” According to a new report, the federal government spent $59 Billion on social welfare programs in 2006. While that number is high, it is nearly half of the taxpayer dollars given to assist corporations. That number, a staggering $92 Billion.

Huge, and likely profitable corporations, were able to get tax breaks for themselves, as well as some receive direct spending from the Federal Government.

According to the report, Think by Numbers, the definition of corporate welfare isn’t even lucrative no-bid contracts for defense contractors, but just the massive subsidies offered by the Feds to industries such as coal, wind, ethanol and oil.”



    How much did money did the single mom welfare recipient down the road from you donate to your Congressman ? Or the grandma living on social security ? Or the disabled veteran ? The pols know which side of the bread the butter is on . The corporations have much larger election campaign kitties to donate from than do the poor slob citizens on the dole .

   As long as there is a need to stand for re-election there will be a need for the politicians to pander to big money interests and that requires some quid pro quo . The time for term limits is now . One And Done … End re-election campaigns , End fundraisers , End corporate welfare …