School Thug Arrests Dad For Not Allowing His Children To Walk Home Unattended



    This Tennessee father was arrested by an arrogant “student resource officer” what ever that is , for the “crime” of insisting on escorting his children home from school on foot . Apparently recently enacted school rules said that the children could either leave the school grounds unattended or be picked up by parents in their car , but only after waiting in a line that sometimes stretches a mile or more down the block and can take an hour to get through. 

    This dad simply wanted to escort his 8 to 14 year old children home from school on foot and for that he was arrested . Just who do our children belong to here ? Us or the State ? Now we see what Hillary means by “It Takes A Village To Raise Your Children” . We haven’t heard the end of this case . Stay tuned .

The Blaze has more …


” A Tennessee father was arrested for disorderly conduct last week after objecting to an official school policy that apparently prohibited him from picking up his children on foot ahead of the majority of parents picking their children up in their cars.

The new student pick-up policy, which reportedly started last week, says that parents can only pick up their children after 2 p.m. by waiting in a line of cars until everyone is released at 2:35 p.m. In this particular case, the parent was walking, so it wouldn’t make much sense to wait in the line of cars.

As Jim Howe made his case to South Cumberland Elementary School Resource Officer Avery Aytes, the man’s fiancé recorded the entire exchange. In the roughly 6 minute discussion captured on video, Howe does not appear to seriously raise his voice or make any threatening gestures. It should be noted that there could be more to the video, however, the moment that Aytes arrests Howe appears to be shown in full context.”