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The 5 Best States For Senior Citizens To Retire In








” Baby boomers may have provided the bulk of the productivity surge in this country during the past couple of decades, but now they’re retiring in unprecedented numbers. This is setting in motion a number of interesting scenarios.

  Some retirees are still recovering from the Great Recession swoon. Many are concerned about the Social Security funding gap, and some need their nest eggs to stretch further because people are living longer than ever these days.

  But for all retirees, choosing where to retire can be just as important as choosing when to retire.

 As we saw last weekend, more than a dozen U.S. states tax Social Security income either at the federal rate or at rates based on their own formulas. In addition, sales tax, property tax, and a bevy of other costs can vary throughout the country. Thus some states let senior citizens hang on to more of their hard-earned cash than others do.

  Thankfully, Bankrate has done the hard work for us. By using a number of factors that include tax burden, cost of living, access to healthcare, crime rate, and even weather, it has ranked the top states for senior citizens to retire in. According to Bankrate’s findings, here are the five best states for retirement, in ascending order: “


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From Severe Studios

” Storm chaser Scott Sheppard gets hit by lightning while shooting video out the window near Fairburn, South Dakota.

  The strike hit his arm and then traveled down to the ground and blew a hole in the pavement. The lightning also disabled his vehicle and a passing car, both of which had to be towed. Scott has a sore arm but is otherwise OK.”












19 States Join Lawsuit Against NJ Gun Law



” Support is mounting for a lawsuit that challenges New Jersey’s tight restrictions on handgun ownership and its high standard of “justifiable need” for carrying a weapon outside the home.

  Nineteen states as well as the powerful National Rifle Association have joined the case’s plaintiff John Drake, who in his lawsuit claims he was denied a permit following a thwarted robbery attempt on his Sussex County business.

  Drake lost his appeal before a three-judge panel of the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals last year and now a growing number of states, led by Wyoming, are asking the U.S. Supreme Court to hear the case, claiming New Jersey was wrong when it determined that the business owner failed to prove “justifiable need” to carry a gun under state statute.

Drake’s suit also claims that his right to bear arms under the Second Amendment has been violated.”


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Taser Use On 8-Year-Old Justified, Police In S.D. Say





” PIERRE, S.D. — The police chief here is defending an officer’s use of an electroshock weapon against an 8-year-old girl threatening to harm herself.

Parents of the child, who was with a babysitter at the time, want the officer disciplined for using excessive force.

Police Chief Bob Grandpre said three officers responded Friday night to a report of a suicidal 8-year-old girl who had stabbed herself in the leg. She was holding a 4½-inch knife to her chest when officers arrived, and she refused to put it down.

One officer took a step toward the child but stopped when she turned the knife toward him.

“She immediately put the knife back at her chest,” said the chief of police in this city of about 14,000 that is the capital of South Dakota.

That’s when an officer deployed his Taser, with prongs hitting her chest and stomach. Emergency medical personnel soon arrived and checked the child, he said, who was taken to a hospital and placed on a 24-hour hold. The child had no stab wounds on her leg. “


   This seems excessive to us . Kind of like the three hundred pound probation officer that shot the Jack Russell terrier because he feared for his safety .









Local Father Responds to Argus Leader “My Voice” Letter




” On October 17th, in the Argus Leader “My Voice” column, the Argus Leader published a letter titled, “Common Core Should be Welcomed Not Feared.”

Chris Buckley, local concerned father, has written this response to that letter.

 I  want to take the time to address each and every one of your comments so if this gets long, I will try to stay on target. Before I begin, I’d like to say that I’ve only known about the Common Core Standards for 2 weeks. In that time, I’ve started researching everything I can find about CC. What I have found is that this is like an octopus with many tentacles and each one digging deeper into our freedoms and ideals. I will address each comment as I understand it, then wrap up my response with some additional information.

 In my rebuttal, I will paraphrase your article, so if I chose a different word than you outlined it’s because I don’t have the complete article in front of me as I’m writing this. 

 You said there was a significant amount of misinformation. There is actually significantly less information being published than what is really there. I’ve found that the government websites, state websites, CC websites, & National Governors association websites all speak to this one idea, the government is taking over our education system and putting the squeeze on states to tow the line. 

 You stated that CC is not a specified curriculum, not federally mandated, not federally funded, nor taking away control from local educators. I don’t just disagree, here’s what I’ve found. First, under the NCLB program, educators have been held hostage by punishing them for failure, instead of rewarding them for success. This information can be found on the US Department of educations website at ww.ed.us.gov/… When you say that it was not federally mandated, the first line of the article refutes that claim. It is “The Obama administration’s blueprint to overhaul the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) will support state and local efforts to help ensure that all students graduate prepared for college and a career.” If the administration set the blue print, then it is federally mandated. Also, in the RTTT grant, there is a waiver for the states that opted to take CC as their standards. It was an either or proposition. Either you could keep NCLB or you could adopt CC. So technically, it was federally mandated.

 So let’s talk about the funding. Your right as far as South Dakota did not get any money to implement the CC standards, but the US department of education got a whapping $100 Billion dollars to get this thing kicked off. I would venture to say that most sensible people would say that is federally funded at its core. Pun intended. 

 You said that CC is a set of standards developed to ensure kids develop rigorous skills to compete in the global world. What? That statement doesn’t say anything sensible. Is it a lot of skills? is it a lot of skills working very hard or fast? I don’t even understand that statement.

 You said the CC idea was generated by 45 governors. The National Governors Association sponsored a group of educators to develop the standards. NGA is actually a lobby organization that represents the governors, not the governors themselves.

 You said it was developed by teachers, parents, and researchers. I can’t totally argue against that point, but the team included David Coleman, William McCallum, Phil Daro and Student Achievement founder, Jason Zimba. 

 You also said that no government officials were involved, except President Obama of course. I mean the US DOE said so on their website. As far as each state choosing to adopt the standards or not, we already crossed that bridge, but these standards are copy righted and come with terms of use. That means you get all of it or none of it.”

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” “It would be a monumental mistake on his(Baucus) part” to support federal gun control legislation, Reichner said.

Gun rights carry sway in Montana. The state Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks says Montana “boasts more hunters per capita than any other state in the nation.” State lawmakers have been discussing measures to expand gun rights. And a pro-gun group, the Montana Shooting Sports Association, has set up a website that is updated with Baucus’ public statements on gun policy.

Other Democratic senators that Republicans are watching closely include Mark Begich of Alaska, Kay Hagan of North Carolina, Tim Johnson of South Dakota, Mary Landrieu of Louisiana and Mark Pryor of Arkansas.

Democrats control the Senate, but if Republicans pick off these seats they could take the chamber.

Pryor already has said he won’t support an assault weapons ban, and the measure is unlikely to clear the Senate. Gun activists still worry that other restrictions they oppose are in the works.

“I don’t think the assault rifle ban, the semi-auto ban, has been the real objective,” said Gary Marbut of the Montana Shooting Sports Association. “I think that is where the rubber meets the road, federal gun registration.”






Daugaard Signs Bill Allowing Armed Personnel In Schools



” Despite opposition from the education community, the school sentinel bill was signed into law Friday by South Dakota Gov. Dennis Daugaard.

The bill gives school boards the authority to allow armed personnel in school buildings.

The House had previously approved the plan, but the Senate added requirements that said school boards must discuss the program in open meetings and decisions to adopt the sentinel programs can be referred to public vote.

Rep. Scott Craig, R-Rapid City, said the Senate amendments strengthened the legislation.

“It is now a better bill and I ask you to support it again,” he said.

Educators interviewed earlier this week remained unconvinced the legislation is needed.”





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NRA Targets Democratic Senators Up in 2014 With Local Newspaper Ads




” The National Rifle Association will launch a print advertising campaign targeting mostly Democratic senators up for re-election in 2014, according to sources close to the group.

On Thursday, full-page ads are scheduled to run in local newspapers in Arkansas, Louisiana, Maine, North Carolina and West Virginia. They will be supplemented by digital advertising in these states and 10 others, including Alaska, Colorado, Montana, New Hampshire and South Dakota.

Additionally, the group has scheduled full-page ads to run Feb. 25 in regional editions of USA Today, reaching parts of 15 states.”

Republican Senators Sponsor “Michigan Firearms Freedom Act”




” A bill proposed by 13 Republican senators in Michigan would seek to sidestep any new potential federal regulations regarding guns by granting an exception to any such laws for firearms made in the state itself. The bill would also exempt ammunition and gun accessories that were made in Michigan from federal regulation, according to reports by the Detroit Free Press and other media outlets on Friday.

The bill is scheduled for consideration by a state Senate committee this coming Wednesday. Some legal experts have already stated that the bill, if passed, may well be more of a “symbolic” gesture by state Republicans than a binding piece of legislation, according to the Detroit Free Press report.

According to a website that tracks copies of the “Firearms Freedom Act,” some version of the bill has already been introduced in approximately 22 states. An additional eight states have already passed their own version of the bill, including Tennessee, Montana, Idaho, South Dakota, Wyoming, Alaska, Arizona, and Utah.”

Shamelessly Lifted Verbatim (sans graphic) From Instapundit Because It’s Perfect





” CHANGE: One Out of Every 6.5 Americans Is on Food Stamps. “The new all-time record number of recipients, 47.7 million (up from 31.6 million when Obama took office) exceeds the combined populations of Alaska, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont, West Virginia and Wyoming.”

From Woodstock Nation to Food Stamp Nation. Forward! ”