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Hamptons Residents Shocked After Finding Ku Klux Klan Pamphlets



KKK Hamptons

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” Some homeowners in the Hamptons are puzzled and angry after finding recruitment pamphlets for the Ku Klux Klan at their homes.

  As CBS 2’s Jennifer McLogan reported Tuesday, Fernando Alvarez said he found the fliers under his Hampton Bays door. His family was left wondering if they were targets of the hate group, or if the leafleting was random.

“ We were really shocked that … in this area we can have KKK,” Alvarez said.

  Hampton Bays, the town of Southampton’s most populous hamlet, has 13,000 residents — 30 percent of whom are Hispanic.”


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Stalker Found LIVING In The Pool House of Jennifer Lopez’s Hamptons Home – And He Even Parked His Car In The Driveway


Sprawling: The former fireman was able to live undetected in the property's vast grounds, pictured


” A stalker lived in the pool house of Jennifer Lopez’s beachfront mansion for six days without her security team noticing he was there.

Former fireman John Dubis slept on a couch and even parked his car at the front of her $10million home in the The Hamptons.

J-Lo was not at the property while the 49-year-old stalker took up residence.”


Time to find a new security company … LOL








Crazy Moms, Creepy Dads And Why Babysitting The Parents Is Harder Than The Children



” An anonymous nanny has revealed that the ‘crazy’ moms who can’t boil water and dads who hit on her are more difficult to deal with than the children she cares for in the Hamptons. 

The Southampton live-in says that she spends her days being a paid full-time mom to four ‘difficult’ children all under the age of eight years old. 

‘The father is always working so I understand why he’s not around, but the mother doesn’t have a job,’ she tells The Daily Summer’s Eddie Roche. “